A New Chapter for Female Fitness | ‘Brain Day’

If I asked you what one of the biggest muscles in your body was, what would your answer be? My answer would have been Glutes. It would never have occured to me to answer the brain. I mean how many of you have a ‘brain training day‘ where you focus solely on exercising your brain? Exactly.

Exercise is a celebration of what the body is capable of and that is not restricted to our exterior beings.

Fact of the matter is though, that the brain is one of our biggest muscles. What happens when we dont exercise our muscles; they don’t grow and the strength deteriorates.

Hence the reason for the introduction of this new chapter to Contour Allure. Fitness is about more than physical acts and aesthetics. What is the point in being physically fit, if we are not mentally fit and strong.

Exercise is a celebration of what the body is capable of and that is not restricted to our exterior beings.

Initially, when I mentioned ‘brain day‘ above, how ridiculous did it sound? I know, it sounded ridiculous to me too, at first but in principle, it is actually a necessity. My goal is to encourage everyone to take a ‘brain day‘ where you dedicate the same amount of time as you would to leg day or chest day, and feed your mind.

Image of a cartoon brain working out
Train Your Brain

Brain power improves by brain use, just as our bodily strength grows with exercise.

About the time I began going to the gym, I also began broadening my personal library. Instead of just reading fiction books, which I still enjoy doing, I wanted to increase my brain power. They say knowledge is power so, I began reading books on all kinds of different topics; entrepreneurial, business, fitness, finances – you name it. Additionally, I have attended countless seminars from property investment to mental well being to book writing to personal development. You cant learn everything from a book and if you start speaking to people, you will find they are very interesting and often have lots of stories to tell. If you learn one thing from everyone you met, can you imagine how knowledgable you would be, all the wisdom that people have to pass on. People are truly fascinating.

It is that ethos that I will be bringing to this chapter of Contour Allure. A ‘brain day‘ is something we can all benefit from – without exception.

I am well aware that not everybody enjoys reading or attending seminars therefore, I am willing to share with you everything that I have learnt through such means. Just by reading my summaries or about my experiences, you are able to learn through me. Even better, you can use me as a place to start. Reading a summary on Contour Allure may ignite an interest and you may decide you want to experience something for yourself – which I fully encourage you to do!

Granted, I have read  A LOT of books, so if there are any requests for reviews, just drop them in the comments below and I will do my best to accomodate.

Happy brain training my loves, and remember:

Knowledge is Power. Moreso, Lack of Knowledge is Lack of Power.


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