Absolutely fabulous | Ab exercises that dont suck

There is no such thing as a ‘bad day’. Only a ‘bad moment that lingers’. THIS moment is an opportunity to turn it all around.

Have you ever had ‘one of them days‘ where literally everything, literally everrrrything you had planned just unfolds before your eyes and it all just seems like its spiraling out of control?! If you haven’t experienced this, know that you are envied by many!

Over the weekend, my day was shaping up to be just like that. It was even looking like the gym wasn’t going to happen and for no good reason either. Like I was going to allow that to happen. I had a moment so I grabbed it, put on my gym kit and started working out in my living room.

When doing workouts at home there are really only two that I can justify and they are either HIIT or Abs. Considering the way the weekend was shaping up, HIIT was THE last thing I felt like doing and to be honest, my abs definitely need work.

Buuuut.. I kinda hate the majority of ab exercises. Sit ups are basically useless and planking for minutes at a time bores the life out of me. I’ve no doubt you guys feel the same too!

Thankfully, there are a couple of body weight ab exercises that are actually fairly enjoyable to do.

Obviously, I will be posting a video on insta for you all to see in action but for now, heres the break down of my top three:

Hip Dips

Step One: Assume plank position on elbows, making sure that shoulders are not arched and there is a nice straight line running from your head down to your toes, bums neither in sticking in the air or sagging to the floor.

Step Two: twist your hip towards the floor;

Step Three: bring it back up and twist over to the opposite side (imagine you are drawing a rainbow with your hips)

Step Four: Repeat. I like to do this exercise 20 times, 10 dips per side.

Girl doing hip dip movement which is an absolute exercise
Hip dip movement

Hip Raises

Step One: Lie flat on your back,

Step Two: lift your legs towards the ceiling – this is your starting position.

Step Three: Without using your hands, push your hips off the floor and your feet upwards. Imagine you are trying to touche the sky with your toes.

Step Four: lower yourself back down – dont just drop!

Step Five: Repeat. You will definitely feel this one in your upper abs.

Bikini athlete lying on her back with feet in the air ready to begin yhe hip raise exercise
Starting position for hip raises


Step One: Once again, assume plank position only this time with arms extended.

Step Two: reach out infront of you with one arm and at the same time, extend the opposite leg out behind you and hold for 2 seconds.

Step Three: slowly return back to plank position.

Step Four: Repeat with the opposite arm and leg.

This movement is about being slow and controlled, well it is if you dont want to fall flat on your face anyway. One of the reasons I love this exercise is because balance and stability play a huge part and the continual shifting of weight means you really do feel it!

Girl with one arm and leg in the air whilst holding plank position. Performing Superman exercise
Superman exercise

Give them a go and let me know how you get on. Have you got any favorite, no equipment needed, no waste of time sit up exercises?




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