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Through the Manchester blogging scene, there have been great tales told of a new monthly event, the Bloggers Dining Club, where bloggers get together and dine at different restaurants across Manchester. It’s a very exclusive event, by invite only and a limited number of spaces available which obviously are reserved at lightening speed.

Christmas came early for me this month after receiving a message from the organiser of these fabulous events, Georgie Glass of Ginseng & Thyme, inviting me to the December edition of Bloggers Dining Club at Don Giovanni’s. A restaurant I have passed many times but never managed to steal a moment to dine in despite being intrigued.

Battling through football traffic, multiple road closures, sleet and wind meant that I was running super late which was most frustrating, thankfully, it appeared everyone was in the same boat and my mind was put to rest after seeing a tweet from Don Giovanni telling us not to worry about being late and that nobody would be seated for dinner until everybody had arrived. How lovely is that!

Don Giovanni Tweet

Finally reaching Oxford Street, where Don Giovanni’s is situated but traffic was at a complete standstill and with no knowledge of parking spaces anywhere near by I actually just had to abandon my car on the side street next to the restaurant and prayed that the parking attendants would be kind. There were a few other cars parked there too so my thinking was safety in numbers? Plus I was wearing a black and white midi dress, strappy heels and a duster jacket with no hood. A drowned rat was not the look I was going for so, made the risk even more worthwhile.

A rather hectic evening for me thus far if I do say so myself! However, from the moment I stepped through the doors of Don Giovanni’s, the welcome was so warm that all the stress quickly disappeared. Georgie was of course on hand straight away organising welcome drinks and providing an update on the evening.

How pretty is the table?!
Blogger Dining Table

Once everybody had arrived, we were lead over to our table which was set out so beautifully and was giving off the warmest of Christmas vibes. With tinsel, crackers and the wreathes were so stunning I wanted to take them all home for my Christmas table! There was also a beautiful package for each blogger from Khiels, Manchester, Gin, and Honey water

Amazing table dressing complete with goodies!

Of course, by this point we were all beyond starving and more than ready for some delicious food. Which is thankfully what we got!

As mushrooms are less than appealing to me, I opted for the pescatarian starter over the vegetarian one.; Carpaccia di Salmone. A new dish to me so I was a tad unsure as to what to expect but it was delicious. Smoked salmon wrapped around rocket leaves with capers. Given that this was only a starter, the portion was rather large so I erred on the side of caution and only at half of the plate to make sure that I was still able to enjoy the main course.

Primi; Carpaccio di Salmone

I won’t lie, I did have a minor moment of panic when the Ravioli di Spinachi course arrived as it was on the smaller side of life. To my surprise though, I actually couldn’t finish it. Apparently, it’s true what they say – when it’s good food, you don’t need a lot of it.  It was so flavoursome and filling, I felt bad for leaving some on my plate. Though, I did make sure to tell our waiter that it was lovely.

Secondi; Ravioli di Spinachi

We waited quite a while for the desert cocktails but that only gave us more time to chat and enjoy the evening. A welcome break from all the stress of preparing for Christmas!

The cocktails, and my mocktail, were definitely worth the wait. Christmas in a glass was the only way to describe them and they even came dressed with a cute Christmas bauble. Thankfully, Georgie is so on the ball and provided the drinks recipe on the evening itinerary so we can recreate this delightful drink at home.

Mocktail dream


All in all, the evening was fantastic. Although Don Giovanni’s and the company was first class, I couldn’t wait to get home to try out my new goodies from Khiels, Manchester too.

To any fellow bloggers reading this, if you get invited to future Blogger Dining Club events, please kindly decline so that I can have your space!

Christmas cocktail; Naughty or Spice.

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