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Given that we are currently doing #Blogmas it might be a good idea to include a few Christmassy posts! Unfortunately, Chris and I have been so busy our house is less festive than Santa’s naughty list right now and I am in desperate need of a shot of Christmas cheer!

Thank goodness for being invited to the Housing Units VIP Christmas Blogger Event yesterday evening, it came at the PERFECT time…

Now, here in Cheshire, we are usually ALL about Bents Garden & Home for the best Christmassy day out and to get decorations (they REALLY go to town with Christmas there). Up until last night, I thought there weren’t really any other contenders for similar days out but as I said, that was up until last night…

I finally arrived 10 minutes late (typical me) and caught the group just as they were embarking on the tour of the store, thank goodness because there is no way I’d have ever been able to catch up and find them on my own. The store is much bigger than I initially expected with a much greater range of furniture and home wares. Accidentally leaving my bank card at home was a smart mistake otherwise it would have resulted in a dangerously expensive evening for me, I wanted basically everything!

Like these chairs for instance.. I am obsessed!

As we were guided around the store, we were acquainted with a bit of background on each department. I was inspired to see and hear the amount of effort that goes into literally every element of the store. I have to say though, I was most impressed to find that the members of staff are responsible for all the Christmas decor in their departments, including dressing the Christmas Trees.

So pretty

You only have to walk through the doors of Housing Units to see why I was impressed. All the decorations look professionally done. There were some really creative additions to. Although there were so many, and I mean so many jaw droppingly pretty trees, this one was my favorite:

Congratulations Kitchenware department!

Christmas Magic 

Time to go over to the Christmas department, which is in the next building (I told you, bigger than I expected) and boy, there was absolutely no denying Christmas over here. Any Grinches or Scrooges out there, be warned this is NOT the place for you! Christmas cheer literally screams in your face as soon as you walk through the door. In fact, before you even get to the door, Santa is there to greet then as you enter you will find Rudolph’s Lodge opposite a singing dancing Christmas display. It’s amazing. It’s magical. Oh it’s the most wonderful time of the year! 

This all lights up, sings and dances!

However, all you bah humbuggers out there will be pleased to know that a week or so prior to Christmas the entire department is drastically condensed to around half it’s size and the conservatory department is installed! It’s true what they say, time moves fast in retail!

As I am someone who likes organisation and colour co-ordination, Housing Units actually brought peace to my soul because each section was so well organised and coordinated!

If you would have asked me before going in what my favorite section was going to be, I would have said Arctic Reflection, my tree (when it’s up anyway) has a white & silver theme – classy but still christmassy. So, I was surprised to find that my favorite theme was Nostalgic Splenda which consists of all the pinky tones, feather boas, bows and flowers – everything I would normally find a bit tacky. Just goes to show presentation is key!

My favorite theme

As the tour came to an end we made our way to the Wickentree Restaurant for food; Afternoon Tea which was very kindly catered to our dietary requirements with no notice (Thank you again).

Vegetarian Afternoon Tea at the Wickentree Restaurant

Over tea, Kirsty informed us that next week she was actually due to go tree picking for next years trees and to Germany the week after on a buying trip to do research on next years trends.  YES REALLY!

I had absolutely no idea that so much time and effort went into planning for Christmas but it makes sense, when products are displayed correctly it inspires us to attempt to recreate the display in our own homes and to do that, we have to buy the products – which I am totally on board with. There’s nothing worse than buying something and not knowing how to incorporate it into your own home.

Kirsty generously divulged some insider secrets (see below) as to what’s in and what’s out for Christmas 2018 (I know, I still can’t say it without cringing a little either) so next year we can all have incredible, on trend trees!

Insider secrets:

Whats In:

  • Unicorns and cacti decor are set to be MASSIVE
  • the traditional, classic, family theme will remain forever but will be updated as appropriate to stay relevant today (expertly done with the use of elves this year!); and
  • Nostalgic Splenda theme of blush pink tones, irridescants and pastels will be even BIGGER in 2018 (yay)

Whats out:

  • Urban Metallica – Metallics, urban, industrail look will not be making a grand return for 2018;
  • Natural Charm – natural woods, rustic, rural type decor will not be making a grand return either however the woodland animals i.e Owls will always remain a prevalent part of Christmas

How often do you update your Christmas decorations? They only come out once per year so I was always under the impression once you’ve got them, you’ve got them but my mind has definitely been changed! Next year our tree is going to be Nostalgic Splenda on steroids! In fact, much like Kirsty, I’m going to have to start preparing now to convince Chris to let us have a pink tree for December 2018! Wish me luck!!

Happy Elves

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  1. Looks like an amazzzinnggg event! I’m not sure how I feel about blush tones, but I guess we
    shall see!

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