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Sign up for the gym and never go to the gym – a concept we are all too familiar with and one that I have never really understood. Until recently that is because it actually happened to me.


My passion for the gym began to die off a bit recently, I let it get as far as not going to the gym for 2 weeks. Thankfully I kicked myself into gear at this point and decided to do something about it. Absolutely no way was I about to let all the progress from the previous 2 years slip away without even a fight. Not.A.Chance.

Not going down without a fight
It aint always going to be sunshine and rainbows

After a quick (long) review I came to realise that I was actually just bored. I love weightlifting but something just wasn’t clicking anymore which meant the fire that drives motivation and determination just wasn’t ignited. It was strange conclusion to arrive at because I do truly love lifting weights but being honest is the only way to fix the problem and whatever it was that wasn’t clicking was beginning to cause serious problems.

I love weightlifting
Truly, I love this!

Time to fix the issue


Without realising, I had already been trying to fix the issue with sessions focusing more on technique, tempo, mind to muscle connection, sets and rep variations – it worked for a while but was no long term fix.


The Crossfit Games, gymnastics, trampolining, dance, roller skating, ice skating, skiing, finally achieving a pull up (or 3!) – all examples of fitness related activities which get me excited.

Mid-pull up & feelin’ goooood

I love the fact that the weightlifting means I am stronger but the fact that all other aspects of fitness were lagging was actually getting me down without me realising. The reason I love the activities listed above so much is because they are fulfilling, not only do they count as exercise (some more than others obviously) but they are fun and at the end there is a definite sense of achievement that resonates with me. Sure, a new squat PB will always impress me but I just need something more to keep the motivation alive.


Don’t get me wrong, weightlifting will always play a key part in my fitness regime because strength training is so important and a new deadlift pb will always make me proud but something more is needed.


Focusing on other competencies, which by the way are all equally important, will provide enough variation to keep the interest alive.

Fitness is more than lifting weights..

Putting it to the test

Gym sessions are no longer all about weightlifting, now they incorporate sessions dedicated to speed, agility, endurance, flexibility, power. My goal is to increase my functional ability – what good is being strong if I can only lift weights that are perfectly set up. I want to be able to do the splits again, I want to be able to sprint FAST, I want to be able to run for a long distance, I want to be able to jump further than I can step into the long jump. It is time to increase my overall athleticism (high school me would be dying right now!)

In all honesty, I didn’t really know where to begin so I decided to set myself small challenges. Similar to the way I did whilst training to do pull ups. This time my challenge is to master pistol squats which are so much more of a b*tch than they look! Also, incorporating more cardio based days but we have speed cardio and endurance cardio – similar to when weightlifters have strength days and volume days. Yes you read that correctly, me; the anti-cardio queen is embracing cardio in all its glory!

Back to basics and building a strong foundation
Pistol Squat Practice.. back to basics

There are sessions dedicated solely to flexibility and keeping my old gymnastics training alive. Plyo’s are also a great session which focus on explosive power.

So far, the variation seems to be working and for the first time in my life I am fully embracing every element of fitness and athleticism and I would be lying if I said it wasn’t exciting.


Are you bored of the gym?


If you have found yourself in a similar situation to me at the beginning of this blog, we would love to know how you pulled yourself through.


However, if you are currently me at the beginning of this blog here is the process that got me through it:


1)    Evaluate


Spend some time thinking about why it is you no longer want to go to the gym and be honest with yourself. No matter what it is, big or small, the sooner you find the issue the sooner you can make steps to eradicate it.


2)    Solution


Now you know what the problem is you can begin thinking of ways to actually fix it. For me, the solution was to set new goals and implement some variation. If you are unsure how to fix your problem, share in the comments and we can help think of viable solutions.


3)    Implementation


Time to take action. You have the solution to your problem time to set the wheels in motion. For me that was a case of working on my first challenge and planning sessions ahead which cover the different fitness competencies.


4)    Review


Don’t just assume that your plan A will work, it may not but that’s ok just repeat the process above and this time include the results of Plan A.




  1. I always struggle to maintain the motivation to keep going to the gym – things can get boring
    very easily! I found when I switched things up and swapped my normal cardio for spinning I
    started to get back into it again.

    Matt | It’s Matt Thompson

    1. Yeah its really difficult to keep motivated when you’re bored. So glad you found a way to change things up and make it interesting again 😊

  2. I’ve never been a gym person, but I
    do love a yoga class

    1. Can’t beat a good yoga class! Plus, fitness goes far beyong the confines of a gym 😊

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