Boredom always precedes a period of great creativity

Robert M Persig


Bored with the fitness industry. Bored with Instagram and trying not to be phased by their algorithm. Bored with writing about things that nobody cares about. Bored with writing for SEO rather than to write. Bored with ‘influencers’. Bored with the fakeness. Bored. Bored. Bored. It all just needs to Bore Off!

Perhaps the revelation of boredom stems from self-reflection and preparing to embark on this new phase in my life – motherhood but then again, everyone seems to be feeling the same level of dissatisfaction and disinterest within the world of social media at the moment. Yes it is still booming but everyone is constantly complaining about lack of engagement, influencers not disclosing paid promotions #Ad, and of the level of generic content that seems just be thrown out with barely any imagination involved.  

Taking a step back..

Writing used to come so naturally to me and whilst I have always enjoyed being in front of the camera, coming up with concepts for shoots and having that ‘photographic eye’ is something that I always struggled with but nonetheless still enjoyed it. Until recently anyway. When it all became so… forced.

Life is to short to waste time and energy on anything that is done for the sake of doing it. Therefore, I simply stopped wasting my energies and took a step back.

For emphasis, that’s step back not step off.

Pushing boundaries..

Busy in the back ground I have been writing about things that I actually want  to write about, removing all restrictions. I am currently re-designing the blog in general. Creating more intriguing concepts to capture. Trying new things in front of the camera. To summarise, I am pushing myself in every respect of the word, as a creator, a stylist, a photographer, a model, a writer – you name it. Breaking down all the barriers that have sucked the fun out of being artistic – or at least my version of artistic.  

I want to create. I want my creations to impact people in positive way. Otherwise, what’s the point really…

Ready for the comeback.

Whilst I am of course, still exploring the realms of my creative and artistic side I am having the most fun with it I have ever had and I cannot wait to share all the new content with you.

So, watch this space folks because I’ll be back with a whole new rebrand, eye-opening visuals and more compelling blogs soon enough.

Missy x

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