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Cosmetic surgery is still somewhat of a taboo topic coupled with a hideous stereotype. Perhaps its because it is so often referred to as plastic surgery that we are almost instantaneously met with the image of overly massive in your face boobs, huge lips, a face that doesn’t move, eyelashes that could fly you to France and lets not forget the not so subtle orange glow of false tan.

When I was invited to the MYA Manchester Party, I would not have been the least bit surprised if this is what met us at the door however, once myself, Jacinta, Rachel, and Lacey eventually got through the pink ballon arch (muggins here forgot her ID!) into the very stunning Australasia patio we were met by the even more stunning, Penny from MYA who could not be further from that comical stereotype if she tried.

Once we were all checked off the guestlist, Penny gave us our drink chips and pointed out who the MYA Girls were so that we could ask any questions we had.

Pink Drink Chips

Firstly, if you’ve been to Australasia before I’m sure you will agree that this venue is just beautiful. The perfect place to host a MYA party. We found our table, got out cocktails and got right to talking all things cosmetic surgery with some of the MYA girls.

For a group of strong minded and sometimes opinionated (we are bloggers after all) women, I was actually shocked at how much we did agree. For instance, we all agreed that it was something we neither promote or demote, it is a very subjective matter and it differs from person to person. Above all else, the main take away was that any surgery should be done for the “right” reasons. An areas of great debate granted but our interpretation of the “right” reasons means doing it for yourself rather than for exmaple, getting a breast augmentation to make a boy like you.


When MYA contacted me and asked me to write about beach body confidence, I respected that because for a cosmetic surgery company it would be so easy to take advantage of peoples insecurities for their own financial gain but instead they approached bloggers for their beach body confidence series which actually was almost the opposite of promoting cosmetic surgery. The discussions we had with them at the MYA party only increased my respect for this company.

I was always under the impression that the consultation phase of the procedure was focused on going through the actual surgical procedure and any specifics that needed to be discussed i.e. size of implant however, after speaking to the MYA girls it was clear to see that I was wrong about this. The consultation phase takes place for a number of reasons such as making sure the surgery will give you the results you want i.e. if you are expecting to get a rhinoplasty and come out looking like Kim K that’s just not going to happen. Additionally, its a key part of the process to make sure you are mentally prepared for the surgery but most importantly, it is to make sure that MYA are confident that you are prepared for the surgery. The consultation must take place before you even meet the surgeon.

I think it is really admirable the level of patient care at MYA and not just at the post-op level. The same standard of care is present at pre-op stages too, which means there is the chance that patients may change their mind about the procedure. If that doesn’t give you confidence in a company then I don’t know what will.

Cosmetic surgery is something I have been tooing and froing about for a long time and I’m still not sure whether I would go through with anything myself however, I am so glad that MYA invited me to this party. Not only did I have a fabulous night with my fellow bloggers, we had our faces covered in glitter, received a pretty fancy goody bag but more importantly, I was given an insight into what would be involved with having a procedure done.

RBF game strong whilst waiting to be glittered!

Previously, I had actually booked consultations with MYA but cancelled because I wasn’t 100% and if I went for the consultation I felt like that was a commitment – it’s not. If any of you are considering having surgery done, save all the arguments with yourself, book a consultaiton, discuss your options and get all the facts. There is absolutley zero pressure let alone obligation to commit to the procedure during the consutlation.

Lacey Fitspo & I
Pretty Pink, Rose Gin & Lychee cocktail
My Glitter Babe, Jacinta & I

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  1. It’s so good to see a cosmetic surgery company promote body confidence and not pressure
    women into changing their looks just to try to meet made-up beauty standards! And it
    looked like a really fun and informative event 🙂 x

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