Croatia | First Impressions

Last year, you may remember that Chris was away on business for my birthday. He did ask me to go with him but as it was a business trip and the main meeting took place on the day of my birthday, I decided aginst it. Silly girl.

So this year, when the announcement arrived that the meeting was to be held in Split, Croatia I jumped at the opportunity.

Croatia has been on my list (one of my many long lists) ever since our first time in Canada. We met a man from Croatia and he spoke so highly of it. The beaches, the waterfalls, the culture that I’ve been eagerly wanting to visit ever since. So this was the perfect opportunity.

Only one issue; the dates concided with another little event…moving house. No biggie we can just move house on the weekend before travelling.

What a bright idea that was.

Thankfully, with the help of one of my amazing sisters and brother-in-law we had moved by around 10pm on Sunday. At which time we then set off for Gatwick airport.

There was a riduclous amount of road closures which turned our 4.5 hour journey into a 6.5 hour journey. Fun. Eventually arriving at Gatwick at 5.15am as our gate closed at 5.40am!

And even though Chris got stopped at EVERY opportunity coming through security (he must have looked dodgy!) by some miracle we actually made it.. onto a really cramped plane. Joy of all joys.

Looking out of the plane window, flying sbove the clouds towards the sunrise
Flying above the clouds

Sleep was not a luxury we were afforded aboard this flight. When we landed, every bone in my body ached. But we were here now, thank goodness! Finally, time to relax.

From moment we emerged off the plane, that first sight of Croatia was the beginning of a love affair.The warmth, the palm trees, the hills, the sea & the sky. Just what the doctor ordered. Hello again, Summer.

First sight of palm trees blue skies and hills upon leaving the airport
Hello Croatia

Greeted by our chauffeur we travelled about 20 minutes to our hotel, Le Meridien, Lav, Split. I knew it would be a nice hotel but its even more than I expected.

Entering Le Meridien

Over the marble floors, through the glass door entrace and invited in by the Adriatic sea; a stunning welcome.

Le Meridien is situated on an impressive little marina shared with an array of yachts nicely lined up just infront of the leather and marble clad lounge area. The same beautiful view we have from our room balcony.

Balcony views of the Marina & Adriatic Sea

Though we hadn’t slept for over 24 hours we opted to go for a little adventure (a.k.a go find food) after making ourselves look a tad more human. Though we were feeling slightly less than adventurous so, on a recomendation from on of Chris’ colleagues, we opted to eat in one of the hotel restaurants.

Restaurant at Le Meridien, Lav, Split

Initially I thought everywhere was really expensive, 100kn for a pizza, but after finally getting my head around the conversion rate 100kuna works out to be around £11 so not bad at all.

Dinner was not until 8pm that evening so we continued exploring the area and obviously had to go check out the gym, which again, was better equipped than we expected and also has an amazing view of the sea.

Gym with a view

One of my favorite things to do when abroad is check out the local supermarket. A Tommy’s by the hotel. It was a little small and a tad disappointing as there didnt seem to be too much in there. I’ll have to find another one to explore.

Exploring and Adventuring

Back in our room, stood on our balcony we took in the most gorgeous sunset over the yachts in the marina. We genuinley couldnt remember the last time we were this relaxed. There is something about watching the sun go down over the horizon, something mesmerizing that just seems to lift all the weight off your shoulders and allows you to feel like you can breathe again. Sheer bliss.

Dreamy Dreamboat

Chris’ colleagues very kindly invited me to dine with them. A relaxed buffet dinner in the hotel was absolutely perfect as the lack of sleep was really starting to take its toll on us. I even started to feel a bit ill so I just nibbled at bits before Chris & I retired to our room early.

Chris will be in a meeting pretty much the whole of tomorrow so, I’m unsure what to do sith my day. I do have a couple og recommenations for places to eat from my friend Faye and a couple of cultral sight seeing recommendations so, I may travel into the centre of Split.

There are plenty of stunning pictures & videos posted to my insta story (@ContourAllure) so be sure to follow to see beautiful Croatia through my lens and see what we get up too.

Goodnight from Split


  1. SO envious! It looks amazing, Missy!

    1. Thank you, Elsa. It’s so unbelievably beautiful here xxx

  2. That sunset!

    I want to see more Missy this was a great read 🙂

    1. Thank you lovely! Lots more coming your way very soon 😘 x

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