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We actually managed a whole 6 hours sleep before getting up to go to the gym before breakfast.

Just a quick shoulder session today as we didnt have too much time.

* Dumbell Press
* Upright Row
* Face pulls
* Lateral raises
* Round the worlds

All superset for 4 rounds with no rest periods – harder than it sounds believe me.

Building them boulder shoulders 💪

As I mentioned yesterday, today is the day of Chris’ long meeting so from 9am onwards I had the day to myself. Initially, the plan was to venture into Split centre but Chris wanted to do that together. Awh. To be honest, I wanted to do it together too.

So, instead I ended up being the first person to the beach. One of the best things about travelling in the low season is no issues with overcrowding, queing or the hideous tradition of reserving sun loungers with towels.

The perfect blogging spot 🌴

Comfy in my spot I did a bit of work, wrote all about our adventures on day 1 and lay taking in the surroundings. If only every Tuesday could begin in such a blissful manner. Honestly, if I could work from here everyday I definitely would.

Lunchtime rolled around fast and I was determined to find a cute little spot to grab some food. I walked along the coastline in both directions for well over an hour unfortunately, winding up disappointed to only locate restaurants that did either all meat or just pizza dishes. Frankly, I’m not sure vegetarians exist on this island. If I didnt eat fish the only thing available to eat would be margarita pizza. Perhaps it is slightly different in the centre?

Coastal walks for lunch

Anyway, I went back to Le Meridien, spotted a handsome chap across the lobby and stole a 5 minute conversation with him then went to eat from the buffet lunch menu there; A balsamic salad, cheeses, bread and coleslaw followed by a plate of fruit and a banoffee cake. Nothing adventurous but walking to find food for so long I was almost not hungry anymore.

Dream boy

A lazy afternoon with some leisurely reading is exactly what I needed. The book of the moment is ‘How to be an overnight success’ by Maria Hatzistalefanis, founder & CEO of Rodial. So far, a fabulous read!

As the sun set, we headed into Split. On arrival we went for a little guided walk around the town. I have no idea what it is like during the day but at night, it is beautiful and bustling with people.

Look at that Sunset

The architechture here is just stunning. We went by a Palace built by the Romans which has now been turned into flats and market stalls. Apparently, the locals refer to it as the ghetto which reminds me, I must check why.

We walked through the Palace/ghetto (what a contrast), through the old stone archways lined with stalls through to a very well lit, very white, very clean square enclosed with some more stunning architecture.

Stunning buildings in Split

Before coming, I read a number of blogs, all of which spoke about the maze of streets. All of which were absolutely bang on the money with that description. How anyone navigates these paths is beyond me. They are so long, narrow, windy and there are so many of them! Each just as pretty as the last and homing their own hidden little gems.

Entering the maze of streets

The Adriatic Restaurant, our destination, is situated at the top of a cliff overlooking the sea. No doubt that during daylight hours the views wouls be spectacular but for us it was a pitch black abyss.

One thing I have noticed about Croatia; they LOVE their food and drink. Dinner began with an alcoholic aperitif; a selection of brandy’s (not to my taste but had to give it a try) followed shortly by some spectacular appetisers: croatian spring rolls (chicken & shrimp), fried calamari, shrimp topped tomatoes, John Dorian Fish (wheres turk turkleton at?!) and breads. Then came more food – pasta carbonara, gnocchi, seafood risotto which was dyed black with squid ink.

Needless to say the mains were no longer required but still they came. Chris and I both opted for the seabass which was absolutely perfect.

Sesbass boat

There was certainly no room for desert. Or so I thought anyway! It was strongly recommended that we try the house speciality, a deconstructed apple strudel, over the chocolate lava cake although  somehow, Chris and I ended up with both. How we managed to eat both still remains a mystery but they were AMAZING. At this point we were falling asleep at the table. Definitely bed time.

Deconstructed Apple Strudel

Tomorrow we will be boarding a boat to visit some of the islands. Boat trips are my favorite so I am REALLY excited for this. Especially after having already looked at booking an excursion earlier. Cannot wait to share those adventures with you!



  1. Stunning pictures. You’ve made me want to visit Croatia. Can’t wait to read all about the
    boat trip.

  2. Wow, the place looks absolutely lovely and you’ve got some great shots! I just got back from
    Spain and can honestly say that October is a great time to travel. It’s so great to have the
    beach to yourself in the mornings and to not have to worry about making reservations for

  3. Wow! this has definitely made me want to visit Croatia. Looks wonderful!

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