Doctor’s orders

My first minor surgery took place around 10 days ago, the worst part about the whole thing was the doctor declaring that no sporting activity including the gym was to be done over the next 2 weeks!! The look on my face must have been one of horror because the Doctor needed reassurance from me that he should go ahead with the procedure (of course he went ahead with the procedure – bigger picture!). Though I was horrified. How could there possibly be a 2 week period with no gym?! Oh oh upper body workouts!

So it turned out upper body workouts were still not feasible (naughtily experimented). How frustrating right? Wrong. Instead of feeling beat up and down about not being able work out which also meant 100% having to skip leg day (sacrilege!) It was just a case of needing to refocus. Sure weights, cardio and HIIT were off the cards for the moment but that still leaves plenty of other areas to dedicate time to like stretching, foam rolling, balance and research and that is where my focus for the past 10 days has been. Sure enough, my being has had zero presence in a gym during that time but my head has remained strongly on the game.

This journey that you are sharing with me goes far beyond being working to be aesthetically pleasing though it is so easy to get a little stuck in that area from time to time. My reaction to the doctors orders definitely undermined the whole reason this journey even began. There is no way to even justify freaking out over being told to lay off of the gym for a couple of weeks. I placed far too much priority on my ‘gains’ than on my overall health and frankly that was just unacceptable.

The power of positive thought, laws of attraction, energy and vibrations are areas that have gained lots of time and attention from me recently, beginning only a short time before the surgery took place actually. It is these practices that allowed me to see the error in my thinking and kept me from wallowing in my own self pity and destroying any muscular progress through poor diet choices on top of lack of weight training sessions. These practices allowed me to look at the situation from a different angle and make the problem a lot more temporary.

Feeling more limber, calmed and generally healthier and it definitely shows. Normally a week out from the gym would result in a bloated tummy, terrible skin and the attitude of a brat but that is not the situation at present. my skin is the clearest and healthiest it has ever been, my attitude and outlook on life is so positive and my body feels wonderful, of course there is some fat gain and muscle loss but it is minimal in comparison to what could have been.

Today, the stitches were removed. Today I am recharged, reenergised and refocused. Today I am ready. This journey is about to get a whole lot more meaningful and truly incorporate every aspect of health


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