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Serving up amazing food, Juniper Hale sits in the heart of Hale village. With a menu you are guaranteed to love, here’s all you need to know.

Juniper Hale menu bowl of olives rose gold plant
Attention to detail is key

Hale; Home to the stunning, Victors Hale. It’s hard to imagine any other establishment would come close to being anywhere near as wonderful as this longstanding Hale based eatery.

I guess you can’t really come closer than next door though! New to the high street, Juniper Hale recently opened its doors and welcomed in some local bloggers to sample their new menu.

Dishes from the Juniper Hale Lunch Menu. Brie and Cranberry Bagel. Vegetarian Wrap.
Offerings from Juniper Hale Lunch Menu

Taking on the title of café, you may feel slightly mislead upon arrival. For our blogger dining experience we were greeted by a Rolls Royce at the door with the licence plate Juniper (granted, I ran straight past this beauty of a vehicle and straight to my seat – why am I always late?!), if that isn’t an indicator as to the calibre of this ‘café’ then I don’t know what is. Once inside, the standards remained expertly high – beautiful dark wooden tables, walls adorned with stunning art pieces and the lighting, well the lighting – as you will see from the pictures below was just perfect!

black rolls royce with the licence plate Juniper
Juniper Rollys Royce – had to borrow this pic from Juniper Hales Instagram, you know cos I ran straight past it!

I joined the table of bloggers, already sat poised and ready for food, sipping on their prosecco (I sincerely hope they weren’t just waiting for me to arrive) whilst listening to the sweet sounds of Ian Lawton honestly, his voice was incredible.

Ian Lawton singing in Juniper Hale
Had to borrow this one too because I just took a million videos

Now before we get to the actual food part of this blog, I feel like I really need to preface this with a disclaimer (as you may have already read on my blogger twinny Jacinta Dawn’s write up of the night) – when I was invited to this event I was instructed to order two items from the menu, one from the brunch menu and one from the lunch menu – so that’s exactly what myself and Jacinta did. Despite Jacinta’s speculation that I may have misheard/dreamt up that instruction, I can fully assure you that that is what was asked. That being said, as the dishes were being served, it became extremely apparent that Jacinta and I were in fact, the only attendees to order two dishes. We felt like slight piggies for maybe half a second before realising, winner haha. Both members of the Official Brunch Club, we love a good brunch dish and both self-confessed food lovers we love an extra plate!

I think the reason we felt like piggies for that full half second though was because the majority of the table had ordered a salad of some description (they all looked amazing by the way, never have I ever had an inclination to order a salad whilst being at a restaurant but would definitely consider one next time I visit Juniper Hale) whilst Jacinta and I ordered well, not salads. I guess mine was close being the veggie wrap but it came with a side of chips so maybe not and Jacinta ordered the Brie and Cranberry Bagel which looked DEEElicious.

Brie and cranberry bagel off the lunch menu at Juniper Hale
Brie and Cranberry Bagel
Vegetarian Wrap off Juniper Hale Lunch Menu
Vegetarian Wrap off the Lunch Menu

I won’t lie to you, before actually receiving my ‘lunch’ dish, I wasn’t really that excited for it, I mean how excited can you get over a vegetable wrap? I will give it to Juniper Hale that it certainly sounded more exciting than vegetarian options at other eateries:

Warm Wrap – Vegetarian: Houmous, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Roasted Peppers, Courgettes and Mushrooms. Served with fries, garden salad and balsamic dressing”

Obviously, I ditched the mushrooms – definitely not a fan of those slimy things. When the wrap arrived, I think I inhaled it. I ate it that quickly, spilt a bit of oil on my jeans in the process (classy) but it was actually so tasty and enjoyable. Definitely a rarity for ‘café’s’ to provide such a good vegetarian option.

Now for the show stopper. The dish that sounded like all my dreams on a plate. Jacinta and I actually both ordered this:

Juniper French Toast: Thick sliced bread dipped in egg batter, with icing, cinnamon dust, maple syrup, wild berries and cream

Juniper French Toast off the Brunch Menu
Heaven on a plate

If you try and tell me you weren’t drooling as you read that, you’re lying. I definitely had a Homer Simpson moment as I was writing it just remembering how good it was.

When it arrived, it certainly did not disappoint. In fact, it exceeded my expectations topped off with a pretty little flower.

Flowers on the brunch food
Finished with pretty flowers. This was the pancake dish. Another stunning offering from the Brunch Menu

From the minute this mouth-watering dish touched the table, everyone’s eyes were on it. Fortunately for them, I don’t mind sharing food so I let everyone have a taste then, the most unexpected thing happened – I.GOT.FULL. I physically could not eat any more and there was still so much left on the plate. Luckily, the rest of the table weren’t quite as ready to pop as I was so it was shared out. I love that everybody was happy to share food, makes for such a different much more family meal style atmosphere.

multiple forks sharing the Juniper French Toast
Sharing is caring…

Unfortunately, my lovely boyfriend, Chris was unable to attend the event with me. On the plus side, it means I get to go back when I take him because he too loved the sound of the French toast which means I get to eat all over again and this time, I’m not planning on sharing!

Rose gold and white bathroom interior inspiration at Juniper Hale
Plus, I need more bathroom selfies in this stunning bathroom #Goals

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