End of Month Check In | A New Milestone

Only look back to see how far you’ve come.


Is it me or has January absolutely flown by! I’m going to take that as a good thing though, given the saying time flies when your having fun!

It’s been a month of fun so far. At the beginning of the month I started a new job which I am loving, Chris signed for a new Ice Hockey team and I finally got together with Ali, Emma,  Emma  to talk some exciting future events which you will no doubt be hearing of in the near future.


A quick flash back to a month ago when we were busy making new years resolutions, you may remember that one of my tips for success was to appropriatley and regularly review. Aside from brief weekly reviews, it is end of month is check in time. eeek.

Goal 1: Improve squats.

My insta fam will know the answer to this one already – I love squats again!

Throughout the month, there have been a couple of leg day workout videos posted to insta with a couple of squat clips in there which has made reviewing form a much easier task. Aside from the fact that squats are now an enjoyable exercise experience and I am able to comfortable perform the movement even with increased weight, the videos prove that they are aslo, finally, at last, FREE FROM BUTTWINK! That my friends is exactly the success I was going for.


Moving forward, it is important to make sure that I don’t plateu nor let the relationship detoriorate agian. This month I managed to get 5×5 at 50Kg. Previously (although very likely with poor form), my PB was 3×8 at 70kg and so my goal is to work back up to lifting this amount.

Goal 2: Increase muscle mass.

Frankly, this goal ended up being a typical ‘New Years Resolution’. I havent revisited it nor thought about it since New Years Eve. Needless to say, there is no way to review any progress made in this area. Perhaps I will do better in February?

silver lining… 

On the plus side, there have been some accidental progressions this month. Well, I say accidental, there is one huge achievement in mind which I have been working on for around 2 years – again, insta fam you already know what it is –

That face you make when you fully surprise yourself! 😂
That face you make when you fully surprise yourself! 😂

Yes, just last week I finally, at last completed my first pull up – totally unassistated, no swingy legs, no jolty movements, just 100% muscle engagement. #Proud is an understatement! But of course, progress is perfection so, whilst I am still revelling in joy at 1 pull up I shall be working towards making that 2 consecutive pull ups.


How did you get on with your goals this month? If you have made progress, amazing! Keep it up and make sure you don’t get lazy with it. If you haven’t made any physical progress, you have made progress by working towards your goal and that counts – progress is perfection, not results. Use the end of month assessment to spot areas to tweak and continue working towards achieving those goals!




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