Fallen off the wagon | Get back up.

“Don’t confuse one defeat with total defeat”.

Every moment is a new opportunity but if you aren’t looking for them then you’re going to miss them.

Hey lovlies,

Hope you have all had a fabulous week!

I wish I could say I had. Unfortunately, it seems I have fallen off the wagon a little bit with the gym. My mind has been so focused on other projects (to be revealed soon eeek) that here we are at ice-hockey Sunday once again and do you know how many times I’ve been to the gym this week.. precisely twice. Twice. How do I expect to get to the stage (and not look out of place) with a measly 2 workouts per week. Plus, anyone who knows me knows my diet is some kind of shocking which definitely doesn’t help. Thankfully, I have been working on that with cooking lessons though.

Do I feel defeated? Yes. Do I feel disheartened? Yes. Am I going to let it stop me? Absolutely not.

Leonardo DiCaprio wolf of wall street absolutely not
Because who doesn’t love a bit of Leo for motivation 👌

Rather than waiting until Monday to try again, I’m taking action right now.

Usually, on an ice hockey Sunday I have about 2 hours before face off to kill  usually so, I sit in the car and do some work…

Missy wearing Blackburn Hawks hat posing whilst waiting for the game
Well, work and a little selfie taking 💁

Today, I’ve found that there is a gym in Blackburn that I can use so, guess where I’ll be heading pre-game!

I’ve also planned my goals for the week so there is a definite schedule – which sometimes is half the battle. Instead of just looking at the huge long and frankly, daunting list of things I want to get done, I’ve broken them down into bit size chunks and allocated days to just whack them out.

In about 3 weeks time, I’ll be in Fuertaventura for one of my beautiful best friends’ hen party (#WhoLetTheHensOut). I literally cannot wait! Especially when I’m sat here writing and listening to the rain beat the window – it’s blissfully peaceful some sun on these bones is loooooong overdue! Get me to that beach!

Anyway, the goal is to have exactly zero cellulite by then. I repeat.. Z E R O cellulite. A perfectly attainable goal but there is zero time for slacking! That is my short term motivation. I have bride squad bikini bottoms to rock and just like being a brilliant bridesmaid, I intend to do just that.

In times where we feel defeated its important to turn the situation around.. like real quick.

1. Find where you went wrong and why.

2. Set a plan and start right away. Don’t wait for tomorrow because we all know tomorrow never comes.

3. Find a motivation that is going to get you going even after a long day at work.

Basically, just remember every moment presents a new opportunity. Don’t waste any time and start about getting back on track right away. You’ve seen how I do it so feel free to give my methods a go and if you have any other suggestions let us know!

I hope you all have another happy, productive and successful week.

Go get it Goal Diggers!




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