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It may seem slightly bizarre to you that Trafford has made the cut for the ‘Fit Girl Guide’ series, given that it is literally a 30 minute drive from my house but there is good reason for it.

Not only is it home to one of my favorite places to go have some fun – The Chill Factore but it is also home to a new favorite place to eat; a place I didnt even know existed until Thursday.

You may have seen on my Instagram (@contourallure) that I attended the new menu launch for The Health & Fitness Kitchen with some other lovely bloggers from Manchester.

Myself, Ali (mybigfirdiary. om) & Ema (Lipstick and ❤
Myself, Ali  & Ema  ❤

This was the first time I had been to this type of event so I didn’t really know what to expect, other than, being vegetarian there probably wasn’t likely to be much on the menu that would be of interest to me. Hence my rookie error in thinking a leather skirt would suffice for the evening. Cookie pants people! Cookie pants! Beautiful, comfy, elasticated waist cookie pants are what you need when you visit this place. Leather just doesn’t cut it.

As you may have gathered, it was much to my surprise that there were actually a number of vegetarian friendly dishes on the menu and even a couple of vegan friendly ones too! It is extremely rare that I am spoilt for choice when eating out but this place left me spoilt for choice. Thankfully, there were a number of dishes that had been prepared for us to sample so I was able to have a taste of pretty much everything I wanted to!

My absolute favorites of the evening were the sweet potato and chick pea dumplings, the choconut smoothie and the protein bread french toast. Comfort food that is good for you – isn’t that what dreams are made of?

Sweet potato & Chickpea Dumplings 😋
Sweet potato & Chickpea Dumplings 😋

In-house Chef, Scott is the designer and creator of such wonderful dishes. His success, aside from excellent culinary skills, is derived from his understanding of the need to balance meals out whilst still making them flavoursome – requirements that were most definitely satisfied.

A lot of work has gone into the menu particluarly, so that a meal prep service can be offered to customers. The Health & Fitness Kitchen will help customers to work out their macro’s and then provide appropriate meals. Scott is a walking advertisement for this service as he explained, his new take on food has helped him to loose an amazing 4 stone in weight! He practices what he preaches and if that doesn’t give you faith in the company, I don’t know what will.

From the moment you walk through the door though, you can see these guys know their stuff. There are pictures on the walls of other well known athletes and celebrities who have eaten here, the staff are all in good shape and they are partnered with the supplement store across the way and the gym adjoining. It is like the perfect package. Order your food, go work out, go get your food and then pick up any supplements you need on the way home. Chuck a Lulu Lemon store into the mix and you’ve got your perfect day out!

Even without the Lulu Lemon store though, I had already began planning a trip back (hadn’t even left at this point) with the boyfriend. Of course, not before scoping out Vyomax, the gym, first though.

Vyomax did not disappoint. Though smaller than I imagined it to be, very well equipped and very aesthetic with the red and black colour scheme. I imagine when there is more than a couple of people in there it feels very busy but if timed correctly would be a perfect place to go workout. Definitely going back with Chris!

Never miss an opportunity to goof around
Never miss an opportunity to goof around! Couldn’t squat properly due to wearing a leather skirt that was already on the verge of splitting because I had eaten so much!

To my fellow people in the Manchester area, if you had a fitness related New Year’s Resolution that you are struggling to stick by just take a trip here, your motivation will return in no time.

Did I mention that this complex was just across the road from the Trafford Centre? Well, it is. So, once you’ve had your work out and had some decent food you could always head over to the Trafford Centre for a bit of retail therapy, relax by catching a movie or grab a round of crazy golf.

Trafford has so much to offer it would be cruel not to tell you about it.

If you have been to any of the places mentioned above or even been anywhere in Trafford that hasnt been mentioned and you think is worth a visit, I would love to hear about them so do let me know either in the comments or you can tweet me @contourallure.

Happy Eating and Lifting!




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