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You may have seen on my insta story (@contourallure) this week, that Chris and I were being really big kids and playing on the park whilst on my lunch break. The last time I played on a park.. well I couldn’t even tell you when. Just for the sake of clarification, it wasn’t your bog standard park, it was one of those parks where the play equipment was built based around gym equipment – way more laughs than in the gym though!

Leg press in the park
Leg press in the park

It has been a while since I had so much fun on a weekday that I wasnt clock watching and for moment, forgot I was actually in my home town just across the road from my office. Who would have thought you could get so lost in a place you walk by almost every day.

Taking a hot minute to just look around and truly appreciate surroundings, a more appropriate question may be how haven’t I got lost in this place yet.

When we travel, more often that not, we have a list of activities that we want to experience before we leave. We actually take the time to research and plan because we want to make the most of our trip and experience everything that a destination has to offer. Well, why not just apply the same logic to where live? There is no reason for that sense of adventure and the fire to experience as much as possible to be reserved for holiday periods. Have a healthy holiday experience for an hour on your lunchbreak on Wednesday because WHY NOT?!

This was my favorite, felt like I was in a cartoon!
This was my favorite, felt like I was in a cartoon!

Which leads me to this weeks Gym Girl Guide. I am setting you a challenge. Where ever it is that you live, go outside and have some fitness based fun.

The gym based parks are just one way of having fun and working on your fitness at the same time. When I think about, Chris and I get outside quite a lot and have some good workouts without even realising, we go rollerskating, we go play around on the basketball court and we get lost walking along paths we just happen to stumble accross. That is without even looking for activities.

Shooting some b'ball
Shooting some b’ball

When looking for inspiration I found so many amazing things that I genuinely cannot wait to go do. From pole dancing, to boxing, to trampolining, to laser quest even (you build up sweat running around – IT COUNTS!). If you actually go out and look, I think you will be pleasantly surprised with what you find.

Do you accept the challenge? Of course you do!

I look forward to hearing what you did to have a healthy holiday experience on your own doorstep! Share your experience in the comments or tag me on insta! Happy Holidaying lovelies.




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  1. I really enjoyed this article – well done

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