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A slightly different take on our approach to fitness today after receiving an invited from GiffGaff to their Thrifty Living event held at The Principal Hotel, Manchester to celebrate the launch of their new product, GiffGaff Gameplan and to cover all things fitness in a financial sense. How healthy are our spending habits? How strong is our credit rating? I know it isn’t our usual stance on ‘fitness’ but by now, you will already know that Contour Allure is all about smashing our goals – why should financial goals be any different?

If you aren’t aware of GiffGaff they are a no frills company, what you see is what you get. Thankfully, what you see is pretty fun and they are very member driven. Note member driven not customer driven.

First of all, if you have never been to the Principal Hotel in Manchester, it’s definitely worth a visit. It’s such a jaw droppingly beautiful location – so beautiful that our group of bloggers had an impromptu mini photo shoot post event!

Oh hey Girl band

After a quick breakfast and mingling with some of Manchester’s bloggers, the thrifty living workshop began. Our group kicked off with a cooking demonstration (hallelujah!) with Herb and Spice and it was the most amazing Morrocan inspired vegan dish! Definitely one that I could recreate at home, especially given the ingredients were just normal items that I have in my kitchen already. The best part about it though is that measurements given on the recipe card make a whopping 10 meals. Perfect for meal prep and also lazy cookers like me. Oh actually, the best thing was tasting this delicious dish at the end of the demonstration. So tasty! This was my favorite workshop of the day, food is an area I struggle with which usually results in me spending ridiculous amounts of money, just goes to show what can be achieved with even the most basic of ingredients.

Show me the food… Photo by: Elouisa Georgiou
Cooking demo in process from herb and spice

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the rest of the day though, it was fascinating. We had a cracking lunch and I even had a cheeky glass of wine whilst I wasn’t driving and had a terrible nights sleep. Funny (unrelated) story actually, the night before our neighbours were partying until the early hours of the morning and kept shouting after Alexa. I was lying there thinking who on earth is Alexa and why does she keep wandering off (thinking it was a girl upset about a boy or something), turns out Alexa is amazon Alexa and she wasn’t responding to them trying to change the music! But I digress..

Food glorious food

After lunch there were two more workshops. The first being a crafting workshop with Tea and Crafting where we were taught to make necklaces using finger knitting, but Laura from Smile at Style and I decided to channel Coachella vibes and wore them as headbands. Though this isn’t something I think I would replicate at home, if you were into chunky accessories and had a couple of old t-shirts lying around it would be perfect for you. It is also pretty therapeutic once you get into the swing of it too.

Getting crafty with our finger knitting (thank goodness I’d had a mani!)
Releasing our inner hippy vibes

Next up was the main workshop, the introduction to GiffGaff’s newest product, Gameplan. A product designed to help you improve you financial fitness, set financial goals, and budget appropriately. Being aware of spending is something I suck at. Most of the time I spend money like it is going out of fashion so this app will definitely help me to reign it in a bit and put my money to better use. During the workshop we spent a bit of time discussing credit ratings. I thought I was pretty well up on my knowledge of credit reports and ratings so I was pretty disappointed and shocked to only score 5 out of 9 on the pop quiz!

Overall, the day was so much fun and it was lovely to be part of such a buzzing atmosphere of Manchester Bloggers. I think its fair to say that we all had our eyes opened as to how we can improve our financial fitness and definitely will be putting the new Gameplan app to use to help us with our financial goals. Goal 1: become a millionaire! I think this is an area we can never be too educated on and highly recommend checking out Gameplan to see how it can help you achieve your goals – which you can do so by joining the club here they also have plenty of useful blogs to help you get your financial fitness on track:

Finally, a huge thank you to GiffGaff for inviting us to such a fun but eyeopening event. Oh and for fabulous feast! Those who feed me go straight onto the list of favourites!


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