Flex it out | How to do the splits

Achieving full range of motion, lengthening the muscles & being able to bend without breaking are all charactetised definitions of flexibility.

If you can already walk & pick things up off the floor with ease, these definitions are hardly enticing enough to make you want to work on your flexibility levels. I mean, by those standards you’re already flexibile right?

Might aswell dedicate your time to working on something useful like remaining youthful, strong and making your body do some pretty impressive sh*t. oh wait – THAT’s what flexibility training can do!

Crazy what your body can do with a bit of flexibility training…

Yep. Flexibility training will assist with all of that and more *cough bedroom (or where ever takes your fancy) activities cough cough*

So, let’s rewind, why is it you aren’t working on your flexibility? oh just a quick sidenote;  a few stretches at the end of a workout does not constitute flexibility training.

Dedicating just 20 mins a couple of times a week will reap you results in epic proportions!

Take a look if you don’t believe me. The first picture below was taken on September 27 and the second was taken on November 5!

Septembee 27th splits..
November 5th split…

Granted, as an ex-gymnast I do have the ever-so-slight advantage of muscle memory. That being said, these results are well within reach for you too, time taken will inevitably vary from person to person but dont let time be a discourager:

“The way to get ahead is to start now”

As I said, flexibility can also enable some majorly impressive poses such as..

Someone actually described this pic as ‘modern day exorcist’

Creepy AF. Pretty sure I was the inspiration behind the Grudge. Just sayin’.

Ready to teach yourself some fun/creepy poses? OF COURSE YOU ARE!
Lets begin with training for the splits.
Step 1: where loose fitting comfortable clothing. Fighting to stretch in jeans will only make it harder for you. In all seriousness, my favorite way to train flexibility is in panties and a baggy tshirt.
Step 2: warm up. No seriously. Warm-the-eff-up! Properly. Aside from increasing your risk of injury and thus hindering progression, our muscles perform better when they are warm.
Just like chewing gum actually. If you pull it whilst its warm it stretches for miles and miles (well not literally but you get the picture) however, if you pull it whilst it is frozen it just snaps (That piece of info doubles as your tip of the day too. If you ever need to get gum off something, stick it in the freezer for a bit first).
Step 3: The Stretches:
a) Start in the lunge position and push your hips towards the floor
b) push your front leg straight and try to get your chest on your knee. Keep that front toe pointed.
c) return to lunge position only this time, push the front foot a tad further forward.
d) repeat points b) and c) until you are in the split position/as low as you can go.
Then repeat on the other leg.
Step 4: Breathe. Don’t hold your breath whilst in the pose and this causes the body to tense. You want your muscles to be as loose as possible. On each exhale try to lower a little further into the stretch.
Step 5: Take your time. Stretching is not something that can be rushed. It takes time and patience but your body will love you for it.


  1. Oh wow! This looks intense!
    Considering I can only just touch my
    toes, the splits is a long way off!

    Life of EllieGrace | A lifestyle,
    beauty and fashion blog for the

    1. Practice & you’ll get there! It’s perfectly achievable 🙂 x

  2. You know you’re my fitness hero Missy!! Not sure I’ll ever manage the splits but I’m going
    to give it a go!

    1. Oh darling, it’s a title I hold dear to my heart! Give it a go, I’m certain if you kept going with it you’d get there xx

  3. Aha! So that’s how one attempts the splits! I’m such an inflexible person, but might just do
    this whilst watching an episode of something on the TV.

    1. It is indeed! Flexibility can be gained, just have to work for it. In front of the TV is exactly where I used to practice also. Keep me posted on your progress! X

  4. This is a bit embarrassing but I legit can’t even touch my bloody toes! I wish I was more
    flexible but I’ve always been a bit scared of hurting myself in the process of training. Do you
    have any tips on how to know when you’re going too far? I know you mentioned it takes time,
    but I’m a huge wimp and I probably do less than baby steps! When I lunge and feel it pulling
    I’m like ‘nope!’ cause I’m a bit scared of injury.

    1. I think it’s good you’re wary of injury, lots of people go the other way and give me heart palpitations!

      The best advice I can offer from afar is to really understand your body. Taking baby steps is better than no steps at all. It should pull and be a tad uncomfortable as you are stretching the muscle but it shouldn’t be excrutiating. Make sure you do a full warm up before stretching to get the blood flowing and just take it at your own pace. Hope that helps a tad? X

  5. I love the sassy undertones, I feel compelled to actually follow these steps rather than just
    keep saying ‘I wanna do the splits’ – will keep you updated! <3

    1. Haha I do get a bit sassy when it comes to flexibility training – it’s my jam 😂🙈 yes do, then it can be your party trick while youre on your travels!

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