Get Ready for Summer | Summer Preppin’

Summer, summer, summer time…Time to sit back and unwind… Juuust kidding. Not quite time to sit back and unwind yet but summer is officially upon us (woop woop) and so begins our season of holiday prep. Bring on the shredz, it’s time to flaunt those winter gains!

This year my summer holiday will be taking place right at the very tail end of the summer… in October. Ok. Fall. My summer holiday takes place in fall. Silver lining – That’s all summer to get shredded.

October is also the month, which this year, holds the date that commemorates my 25th year of life and to mark the occasion (as well as serving as a distraction to avoid the quarter life crisis I feel heading my way) there are a couple of challenges I have set for myself.

Challenge number 1: to have the body I have always dreamed of and rock a bikini at the beach. Apparently these are the best years of my life so I will be cellulite free and have abs pre turning a quarter of a century old!

Challenge number 2 is kind of a biggie – to learn to swim. Yes. Yes, I know. Almost 25 and cannot swim but worry no more because that is all about to change.

Lucky for me, we are headed to La Manga, Spain for our summer hols. The resort is a huge sports complex which provides the perfect opportunity for execution of the above challenges.

Part of the reason I still cannot swim is because the embarrassment of going to the local swimming baths and splashing about while three year olds literally swim circles around you is just too much. Atleast on holiday, I’ll be with my boyfriend (who will be in charge of keeping me alive) in front of whom I have already perfectly performed many embarrassing moments to the point of no longer being embarrassed in front of him. As for everyone else, it’s unlikely that we will meet in the local Tesco at any point, so making a fool of myself doesn’t bother me so much.

Swimming definitely involves more cardio than I am used to and at the level I will be at, it definitely requires endurance over speed and power; therefore, LISS sessions will be incorporated to develop an increased level of fitness and thus endurance.

As swimming is a full body movement it makes sense to train using methods which best mimic the exercise. In cardio form, cross-trainer programs are the most obvious and appropriate exercise option.

As I also have a relatively moderate percentage of body fat that needs to disappear before challenge number 1 can be completed, there will also be an element of HIIT included in my training program.

The above are not supplementary to the beloved weight training sessions which take place every week. The cardio elements will be added in alongside weight training. Obviously, I am expecting to loose a bit of muscle mass throughout the summer prep season but that is inevitable. Keeping up with weight training will ensure that such muscle loss is minimal


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