Gym Lingo

One of the very first things I struggled with at the beginning of this journey was the terminology. Reading programs and getting advice from people just seemed like I was being spoken to in a foreign language. Even today there are still terms I come across which require a quick google define.

Rather than having to wait to come across words then remember to google their meaning, I have compiled a list of common Gym Lingo (below) which I have come across and feel may assist in your understanding and progression.

The list is obviously not exhaustive and I absolutely will continue to update this post with any further terms that I feel you may benefit from knowing.

DOMS – Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness

AMRAP – As Many Reps/Rounds As  Possible

Bulking – gaining muscle

Cutting – loosing fat to make muscle definition visible

Shredz – same as ripped: to see muscle definition

Ripped – to see muscle definition

Mirin – short for admiring

Progressive Overload : increasing the weight, usually each set

Superset – one exercise coupled with another, no break between them.

Pump – when all the blood flow is going to the working muscles making them appear larger than usual

Drop set – the opposite of progressive overload – decreasing the weight but upping the reps

Spot me – to watch and support someone during an exercise and help prevent injury by spotting any mistakes in form and if it seems they are struggling with the weight, assist lifting the weight.

Rep – short form of “repetition” and refers to the amount of times an exercise is repeated

Set – the grouping of reps usually referring to the amount of reps completed before taking a rest. I.e 3 sets of 12 reps means break after 12 repetitions and repeat 3 times.

Gainz – increase in ones size or muscle mass

Ass to Grass – squatting down as low as possible.


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