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Gym Skincare Routine | Tips for the Busy Gym Girl

Sweat it out. Working up a good sweat is known to be good for the mind and body but did you know it was good for your skin too? Sweat helps to release all the toxins and impurities that have built up on our skin over the course of the day. However, sweat is not good for your skin when left to sit there for too long or even worse, is the sweat of other people *don’t touch gym equipment and then touch your face*.

To ensure you are reaping the full benefits of getting your sweat on, it is important to have a good post-gym skincare routine. This weekend, I quickly popped into St. John’s Shopping Centre in Liverpool to stock up on all my skin care products so that I can share my skincare tips for the busy gym girl.

Here are my go to items:

  1. Exfoliating rammi sponge (Home Bargains)
  2. Luxury Hand and Body Wash (Aldi)
  3. Luxury Hand and Body Lotion (Aldi)
  4. Lacura SPF 20 Moisturiser (Aldi)
  5. Bio Oil (Home Bargains)
  6. Moisturising Facemask – I like to try different ones, this time I opted for a glittery one! (Home Bargains)
  7. Foot mask (Home Bargains)
    Step 1 – Cleanse

    My memory is shocking and I like to carry as little around with me as possible so I use Aldi’s Luxury body cleanser both on my face and body on days when I am at showering at the gym. A gentle post gym face cleanse is all that is needed as the sweat will have lifted all the dirt and grime from deep within your pores and all you are doing is removing it from your face. For the body, I like to give a bit more of a scrub and use an exfoliating ramie sponge to help the dirt and dead skin cells along their way

    Step 2 – Moisturise

    The salt from sweat can be very drying and we have just stripped the skin of all the moisture whilst cleansing so it is important to help rehydrate. I use Aldi’s Luxury hand and body lotion for the body and Aldi’s Lacura SPF 20 Day cream for my face (Always wear sunscreen folks) unless it is night time I use Aldi’s Lacura Night Cream.

    For area’s where I am particularly dry or I have stretch marks, I use bio-oil daily. It helps to minimise the appearance of stretch marks and is extremely hyrdrating!

    Glittery facemask!

    Step 3 – Treatment (once per week)

    Once a week, I will exfoliate my face with an exfoliating sponge (also from Home Bargains) and then do a facemask. I like to try different ones but whilst I was at St. John’s this weekend, I could not resist this glittery one for a bit of extra glam!

    On a less glamorous note, I also like to do a foot mask. Working out really takes its toll on our tootsies so it is important to take care of them too. I use this Derma V10 one.

So, there you have it. A post gym skin care routine for the busy girl. Nothing complicated, just a nice simple effective regime where all the products can be bought right from St. John’s Shopping Centre!



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  1. Love it! Moisturiser with SPF is an essential in my daily routine, even if it is not sunny 🙂 I also apply it with with the oil if my skin is completely dry and it works really well.

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