HD Female | Gym Wear Review

A full review of the HD Female activewear range after taking a fitness class at Lean Body Project.

If you haven’t heard of HD Female, you should definitely check it out. It’s a fabulous range of gym wear designed by the reality babe that is Jess Impiazzi. Jess designed the range for women to help them look fabulous and confident in the gym whilst working on their fitness goals. With reference to HD Female, Jess has said:

Spending upwards of £100 on gymwear, is just too much for myself and a lot of people… We have worked incredibly hard to give you the most affordable, glam, girly gymwear possible!


Which is like music to my ears! How about you ladies? Don’t get me wrong, I love some of the big gymwear brands out there but they can be PRICEY. And like Jess, I am not about spending upwards of £100 on one gym outfit.

Earlier this week, I was invited to Lean Body Project in Stockport where Jess would be showcasing the HD Female range. The showcase would involve me actually wearing an outfit from the range and taking part in a HIIT class (which me being me, I obviously missed!) however, I did do a few exercises under the guise of personal trainer and gym owner, Damien where I also managed to smash out a good 4 and half pull ups in a different grip than I am used to so yay me haha.



Back to the clothing range though, I was very kindly gifted the camo set to wear



Before we even get into any of the various gym wear tests, the first thing to consider is how it looks and feels when you put it on. We all know that there are many items of active wear out there that will never even make it to our gym bag never mind to the actual gym.

As the material is so lightweight, I fully expected it to ‘bag’ in places but thankfully, no bagging at the knees or in any other undesirable locations.

The leggings are high waisted which I am loving at the minute. Nothing helps that belfie pop quite like high waisted leggings.

The sports bra also feels very comfortable on. Still lightweight and breahable but obviously a bit thicker than the leggings due to the light padding (thank you!) I am all about lightly padded sports bras, makes my little mosquito bites feel more secure.

Straight off the bat, I am loving the set. It feels like a second skin.

Now to put it to the test.

The mother of all active wear tests to be precise: squatproofability.


how far the leggings can be stretched without becoming transparent.

After spending over a year deadlifting and squatting to be told that over half of my leggings were actually see through (mortified isn’t the word) this is of utmost importance to me!

First of all, I feel like I need to preface this with a rather personal disclaimer, sorry if it is TMI but I was wearing the most OBNOXIOUS underwear, definitely not the underwear I would ordinarily wear to the gym so I feel like that may have slightly skewed the results here.

That being said, lets squat!

Personal Trainer Performing Squat Proof Test on HD Female leggings
Squat Squat Squat

As you might be able to see, the pattern still remains largely in tact and you can only slightly see my underwear through them (again, let me remind you about the obnoxious underwear) I feel like if I was wearing my normal underwear it would only marginally show through. So, I am going to award the Camo Set a 7/10 for squatproofability.

During the event, I had the chance to speak to Jess about the range. Obviously we discussed our favorite sets. Hers being this one


HD Female Blue Bubble Set
The blue bubble set


Some of my friends have awarded me the nickname Bet as in Bet Lynch so I will give you one guess as to which my favorite set was!


The grey leopard print set!


Talking to Jess, she was very open and honest about the range. She informed me that the leapord print set did go quite see through on some occasions, largely dependant upon the underwear worn. This honesty showed me how genuine Jess is and at the end of the day, she is the core of the brand. I could really sense her passion and vision for the future of the range, especially when we were talking about the exciting upcoming plans she has! I don’t want to spoil any of her surprises so you will just have to keep your eyes peeled for those I’m afraid #SorryNotSorry. This is definitely a brand to watch though ladies, Jess knows exactly what she wants and where she wants to take this range and let me tell you, I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the new stuff already!


Have a look at the range and let me know what your favorite set is!


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