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You’ve probably already seen on my various social media platforms that I am now a Qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer! Actually, I have been since 2010 but I didn’t realise and re-did the whole course this year – typical me!

I have been helping friends in the gym for a few years now (see this blog) and I am so passionate about training that becoming a trainer just seemed like a logical next step. Last week was my first week working out of Elevation Fitness in Warrington and I loved every minute!! I know it’s only my first week but it honestly doesn’t feel like work at all, the highlight of my days are the times spent in the gym helping other women to feel confident, empowered and progressing towards their goals. Which, as with Contour Allure, is my overall aim – to help women gain confidence in themselves, empower them in the gym and help them towards their fitness goals, whilst having a good laugh along the way.

If you have read the ‘about‘ section of this blog, you’ll know that I have experienced first hand how anxious the gym can make people and the negative emotions that come with that – thankfully, I had Chris to help me through that. I wouldn’t wish those feelings and emotions on .any other woman and as far as I can help the situation, it is my mission to ensure that no other woman feels that way. It started with this blog and taking friends to the gym and now, I am able to take it that step further and offer personal training sessions. I’m over the moon!

With that in mind, training sessions with me will be much more than just training sessions. There a few elements that will be present in each of my sessions regardless of the client or their goals. These elements are:


Yes, you read that correctly. That is one of my highest priorities for training sessions.

First and foremost, it is of the highest importance for me to ensure that my clients are and continue to enjoy their training sessions. Not least because, life is far to short to dedicate our valuable time to doing something that we don’t enjoy or even dread, but also, because achieving fitness goals is not easy, if its hard work and you hate it, chances are you are not going to stick to it. Now don’t get me wrong, that isn’t to say I’m going to make sessions super easy because, whats the point. What I simply mean is that if a client for example, hates burpees, I’m not going to incorporate burpees into our training sessions.

two of my fabulous clients and I

No Scales;

It is also important for me to ensure that my client’s understand what their goals will require of them. It is a lifestyle change to a positive, healthier lifestyle. That being said, my first step for each client so far (and I predict ones to come) is to ditch the scales. Constantly weighing yourself can become an unhealthy obsession and frankly, the numbers mean zilch. Yes, I will weigh my clients during consultation, as well as taking other measurements but that is so I can make calculations such as time to reach certain goals, calorie and macro intake etc. Honestly, the numbers on the scales bear no positive relevance to you. If one of my client’s has a goal of ‘weightloss’ after finding out the reason for said weightloss, we will then use inches and body fat percentage as a means of tracking progress. Scales are too finicky, inaccurate and basically just b*tches, none of us have time for that!

working on those pull ups!


Obviously, this one is very client dependant but, I would like each of my clients to be able to perform a press up, a pull up and a pistol squat. Just as a fun little challenge and also because I think it is important to understand how to use your body and encourage it to engage to work in conjunction with itself. It is a constant source of amazement for me to see body builders or power lifters who can lift astronomical amounts of weight but cannot perform some of the more basic movements. Agian, this is obviously down to the client and if they do not with to learn such movements then so be it.


(me not you, don’t panic);

Whatever the goal, whoever the person, whatever the reason, whatever your wear, however you talk – basically whatever the variable is that society likes to judge us based on, in my presence there will be absolutely zero judgement. Be free to be who you want to be, work towards what you want to work towards knowing you are doing so not only in a safe manner but also with full support from me. Honestly, I will be you biggest cheerleader and fan!

Yes, that is me at my cheerleading initiation at uni.. needless to say, you are in good hands!

and finally..


Last but by no means least – confidence building. I’m not talking about getting you to perform stupid tasks to build up your confidence or have you singing in the middle of the street by the end of each session (though feel free to) – what I mean is to have a positive, confident relationship with your body. There are too many negative outside influences all around us, the last thing we need is to be a negative influence to ourselves. First things first, ‘looks’ or an ‘aesthetic’ is not the be all and end all. Each person on this planet is unique, smart and intelligent in their own way (Donald Trump excluded) – that’s a super power, something to be celebrated. what a boring world it would be if we were all clones of one another. In my sessions, we will be celebrating you and all of the gloriousness you bring to the world.

Girl Power

So that’s a little bit of what you can expect, aside from a kick ass work out and nutrition guidance, from training with me. Overall, it’s just about having a good time and reaching your fitness goals.

In my first week, I have trained 3 women, held a class and hosted my first fitness event in collaboration with KIHT Collective (blog covering this event will be live next Monday). Needless to say, it’s been a pretty epic week and all of my ladies SLAYED. I’m so proud of them all and cannot wait for their sessions this week! Bring it on!

a sneak peak into whats to come next week – hosting my first fitness event in Manchester

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