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As our lives continue to grow, so does Contour Allure. It’s just too exciting!

Let me take you all the way back to the end of October 2017 (seems like a lifetime a go now in all fairness). It was a bright winter’s week in October, my 26th Birthday was looming, we had a holiday to Croatia booked, plans to move house and to open a gym – how exciting! Exciting!? Lol next joke. We did all that in the same bloody week. Less excitement more stress! I mean, on what planet did we think doing all of that in the same week was a good idea? I mean really?! Low and behold though, we survived.

Our lovely home

Looking back, I can hardly even remember moving our stuff into our new home it happened so fast. Needless to say, furnishing the house and making it our own has not been at the top of the list of our priorities. Until now anyway! Now it’s time for those feelings of excitement to return.

Although we are still mad busy and the gym isn’t quite finished yet, all of the bigger jobs are done and Chris has got everything under control there. Which means I’m finally able to spend some time making our lovely house a home or at least a little bit more loved for the time being.

Despite my phone being absolutely filled with screenshots of interior design inspo, I’m actually finding this whole process way more difficult than I imagined. Probably because I change my mind so often on what I like and what I don’t. That and the fact that in all seriousness, I haven’t a clue what I am doing.

I literally thought it would be a case of adding a sofa, coffee table, tv stand and a couple of photo’s but apparently not. Not if you want something spectacular anyway. Which of course, is what Chris & I want. Our house is such a beautifully unique space with so much character it would be a shame not to embrace that.

Like I said, our style often changes but we are both absolute lovers of 1920’s, Gatsby style glam and always seem to come back to it. When we stayed at Hotel Gotham we fell in love with the design straight away and both said that we would like our house to have the same kind of quirky, stylish vibe to it.

Oh if only I could just jump into that bed right now

Problem is, creating that vibe isn’t so easy and I fear if not done correctly can go way past the ‘tacky’ stages straight through to the ‘outdated grandma’s house‘ category. No thank you. 

For our living room, my main focus is to keep the statement piece separate from the TV. Neither Chris nor I are big TV watchers so it would be nice if the statement piece would be something we could both enjoy.

Most obvious choice for a statement piece therefore being, the sofa. My absolute dream of all dreams sofa is a royal blue, chesterfield beauty. Not that this was what I set out to find. Though that’s the dream and exactly what I want, it’s also pretty bold and brave. So, kind of the exact opposite of me when it comes to interior design.

In my quest for a bold-but-not-to-bold corner sofa I stumbled upon ‘Sofa So Good‘ on Instagram. Their feed is filled with decor inspo and is chesterfield heaven but guys, you’re not going to believe it. Guess what they sell. yep. A royal blue, velvet corner sofa. They’re a bespoke furniture company so they could probably make it a royal blue, velvet, chesterfield style sofa. Umm is this happening?! I feel like this is a sign, do I order the sofa?!

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?!

They’re other furniture is really quite impressive too and definitely lots of statement pieces. One of which being an electric blue, tall chesterfield headboard bed, which I won’t lie, I’m not mad about but still impressed by. I just love that they have such unique pieces of furniture!

NGL, the more I look at it the more I love it!

We’ve also been looking for a grey ottoman for some bedroom storage, I don’t know how you guys feel about crushed velvet these days but I am still all over it! Everywhere I’ve looked so far, crushed velvet ottomans have been in excess of £100 (the decent ones anyway) so to see that Sofa So Good are doing them for £70… Bargain!

I’m know I’m new to the game but this company is definitely sitting at the top of my new list, a list of favorite furniture shops. Makes such a change from the standard high street offerings.

told you, Chesterfiled HEAVEN!

Hopefully, Chris is going to like the sofa too and I can get it ordered. It has my name all over it. It was definitely meant for me. Wish me luck!

p.s what are your favorite places for interior design inspo/ furniture shopping?



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