International Chest Day

I don’t want square boobs so let’s not work on chest – another misguided cracker straight from yours truly.

Yeah, as The Body Coach would say ‘GUILTY‘. Up until very recently, chest day wasn’t even a thing in my fitness regime.

Why would I want to work chest. I’m flat chested enough as it is and we all know our lovely lady lumps are the first things to volunteer as tribute when we embark on our fitness journey. Like the only place we actually want fat and it’s the first to desert us. Betrayed by our own.

International Chest Day Bench Girl working out wont give you square boobs
International Chest Day

Is anyone spotting the irony yet?.. Wanna take a wild guess at where I’m going with this one?

1, 2, 3 it’s as if all the smoke clears and finally, we can see the error of our ways.

Chest day has many benefits, one of them being the exact reason many women (myself included) overlook the muscle group altogether. Yes, working chest muscles can actually aid in the volume and perkiness of said lady lumps.

Quick anatomy lesson, underneath the fatty tissue and various vessels that create our breasticles are muscles (pectorals major and minor – collectively ‘pecs‘) obviously, as the muscle grows it’s going to lift and tighten pulling the fatty tissue in all the right directions.

Exercise for chest: Cable flys
Cable flys

Plus, as the muscle grows we can put them to good use and make our ta-tas dance. Who doesn’t want dancing ta-tas?!

On a less physical aspect. If you wanna get strong AF, chest muscles play a kind of a big part in upper body strength. Push movements for example, rely heavily on chest strength.

Chest exercise: close grip bench press
Close grip bench press

Posture, another fantastic benefit of weight training that is constantly, constantly overlooked. Imagine if we didn’t work out chest muscles and continued to work our arms, shoulders and back.. we would end up looking a bit like quasimodo. Aside from being slightly less than aethetically pleasing, that is not good for our spinal chord. Our muscles help keep our bone structure strong and our organs in place and protected which is why it is so important to ensure muscles are worked in the appropriate proportions. You don’t want to overtrain or make one area bigger than it’s counterpart because the internal implications of that could be very severe.

Anyway, enough of the sciency stuff, I know I had you at dancing ta-tas. Go plan your chest workout and watch all the chest-astic benefits appear before your very eyes.

If you need a little inspiration, as always, head over to my insta (@contourallure) plenty of vids on there that you can give a try!


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