La Manga | First Impressions

The Hotel Prince Felipe in La Manga most definitely has an essence of luxury and prestige. With marble floors, high ceilings and a vast array of beautiful artwork set within a palm tree lined golf course you certainly feel as though you’ve been transported to a mini paradise.

Prince Felipe Hotel Lobby – Wishing this was my living room!

The first day of any holiday usually flys by, as it certainly did for us. We spent the day relaxing and letting our minds and bodies rest, the weeks previous had consisted of awaiting the birth of my niece, a sick dog, work related stresses, preparing for an event the night before holiday, a last minute packing trip and a 6 hour journey down south instead of the 3 and a half journey it should have been. Im sure you will agree that it has been pretty hectic, so the downtime was very much welcomed.Chris’ mum is here on a tennis training camp so we took a stroll up to the courts and watched that for a little while.

Whilst overcast the weather was still fairly warm and actually, did clear a little by the afternoon so we waited until early evening before heading to the gym. What happened to that relaxing down time hey! Well, Chris and I have never been good at sitting still for too long and the restlessness was starting to set in.

Spectacular view from our balcony – Overcast yet still stunning

We were pleasantly surprised by the facilities in the gym. It was very well equipped with up to date machines and a whole array of weights. In fact, the weight based areas took up much more spac than the cardio based areas. We were so impressed we almost forget it was actually a hotel gym!On the assumption that probably 90% of the week ahead will be spent in a bikini, which body parts would you focus on? If you said legs & glutes then we have something in common! I was set for a big, heavy, confidence building leg & glutes session.

Chris had other ideas though and invited me to do a back session with him, an offer which I accepted and I am so glad I did. Like most girls, my upper body tends to get neglected. I do so love a good back session though and it was great! We didn’t necessarily go heavy, working at around 75% but we went hard. It was amazing. If you want to see a few snippets of the workout head over to my Instagram @contourallure

My food and water intake trough out the day had definitely not been enough to carry me through the leg workout I had planned. Huffing and puffing I just about made it to the end of the workout with Chris.

Post workout obviously the hunt for food was on. Heading to Los Lomos, an area just a tad further up the mountain, to Luigis Italian restaurant. Bearing in mind this was our second night of eating here, it was becoming apparent to me that the term ‘vegetarian’ meant zilch to the food establishments here. Thankfully, I do still eat fish or this week my diet would consist of carbs with a side of carbs! Tonight though, I opted for a vegetarian pizza with a side salad. Whilst delicious, it was not the most ideal meal but my options here are limited and it’s better to eat than not eat right?!

Off to Luigi’s…

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