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Waking up to another beautiful day in this slice of paradise and ready to see some more of its beauty on a trip out to Torrevieja; or so we thought. It seems that we were misinformed as to the distance between our destinations and felt it a frightful shame to spend this glorious day travelling in a car.

Not quite the 20 minute journey we had in mind

Between us we had compiled a host of activities that we would like to experience in La Manga so we set about trying to organise one of those instead.
Travelling out of season, whilst having its perks, does comes with a few minor downsides; one of which being that a few of the amenities close down for the low season, as we also experienced on Monday, after planning to lunch at Uncle Sams to find it had closed for the year.
The same applied today. We had both set our sights on water skiing and a couple of hours paddle boarding, so the fact that they had closed for the season threw a bit of a spanner in the works.
Though we had lots of back ups each plan fell through for one reason or another today and after about the fifth outfit change, enough was enough. Changing the dynamic of our previous plans we headed for some much welcomed spa relaxation and it was blissful.

Aboard the courtesy shuttle we were chauffeured to the top of a steep hill. Once we were inside it was so clear to see the reasoning behind the location for the spa. The views were breathtakingly phenomenal! Worth a visit for those alone.

Wonderful scenery from the spa jacuzzi

Equipped with a large jacuzzi type pool, a smaller jacuzzi complete with jet infused loungers, a steam room with menthol insence, ice buckets, the coldest plunge pool you have ever experienced and jets that would put your sports masseuse to shame. The essence of luxury is definitely radiated throughout the hotel and all of the facilities.
It ended up just being the two of us in the spa for a couple of hours. Perfect!

The Spa to ourselves

We fully took advantage of the fact that there were only the two of us and did the opposite of what normally goes down in a spa.

We were loud, laughing our heads off, jumping from pool to pool, messing around with our new camera and holding competitions. Though I was totally tricked into a plunge pool competition: “just see how long you can stay in for babe” lead to me screeching and wriggling around in a such a manner that could only be likened to that of a petrified chicken because Chris found it hilarious to hold me down for a couple of extra seconds, which really is quite a long ass time when you can feel soul turning to ice!
If any of you read my Summer Preppin’ post, you will know that I had set out a couple of challenges for myself this week; the main one being to learn to swim. Well, guess who can now swim! I’m not claiming to be Olympic ready but I can get from one side of the pool to the other without drowning or dragging myself along the wall of the pool! So very proud of myself and of course my coach, Chris!
Needless to say, it was the perfect way to spend the day after so much mucking and messing about this morning.
Dinner reservations have been made of La Barra tonight following an invitation to dine with some of the other tennis campers. Bring on more of that Sangria!!

In an attempt to take in a bit more of the limited Spanish culture here, I opted for a couple of tapas dishes. Now I am not sure how Spanish these dishes were but they were definitely tasty; Whitebait in garlic oil, grilled Mediterranean vegetables and patatas bravas.

What a perfect day it turned out to be..

Tomorrow we shall be travelling to Cartagena to soak up some culture. Be sure to check back to hear all about it


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