La Manga | The End Of Something Beautiful

It’s true what they say you know, time really does fly when you are having fun.

We have reached the final night of the holiday.

Wanting to end it with something fun, mountain biking was on the agenda. Arriving at the shop to discover it closed early today which didn’t leave us enough time to warrant the trip worthwhile.

Instead of creating a stressful situation creating other plans (as happened on Tuesday) there was a quick assessment as to what had been enjoyed the most over the week spent here. It was La Cala.

Having already been twice this may seem tedious to you but each time we were there for a total of one hour and the second time we literally remained in the restaurant for food.

Back at the beach it had that private feel to it again. There was just Chris and I.

Taking up residence on a sun lounger, we watched the waves crash. Today they were the biggest I’ve seen. Most likely to be remnants of yesterday’s storm. It was a little intimidating actually, looking out over the vast waters and seeing the size and reach of those waves didn’t let you forget how powerful this entity is. A couple of times the water came right up under our sun loungers causing us to have to move back.

Remember in the first post about La Cala and I told of how it boasted a beautiful, rocky surrounding? Well, it may not have been one of my brightest ideas but the urge to explore was much stronger than my levels of resistance. Equpped with strap up sandals and in a bikini I scaled those rocks with Chris (who more sensibly had trainers and shorts on).

The rocks we scaled and we continued on round the cove

Risking my ankles was definitely a worthwhile expedition. The views, the wind, the sounds – oh what an experience! If you ever head this way make sure you do this! I mean, wearing more appropriate clothing to reduce risk of injury would probably be smart also but it’s up to you.

La Cala had become kind of our escape. There was just something about this beautiful spot that resonated with my soul.

In the evening, the final barbecue and awards night was hosted at one of the villas.

A fantastic paella spread was put on with a whole host of cakes and magnums to follow.

The awards were given and the tournament winning team was announced. Mama Gee was in the winning team for the second year running! Go team! Next year is going to be her hat trick year!

We said our goodbyes and thanked everyone for including us in their plans throughout the week. Meeting different people is something I really enjoy and I am constantly in a state of awe and fascination as I listen to their life stories.

Back to the hotel for our final night in paradise. I’m not ready to leave yet.

The final time…

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