La Manga | Travelling in the low season

The resort beach is called La Cala. At 11am this morning there was only Chris and myself there, it was so private it felt as though it was just our own.

Just the two of us, sunbathing and looking out across the sea; so blissful.

Set at the bottom of a mountain this stoney beach has so much more character than most of the more standard sandy beaches. Though it was calm and peaceful the mini waves crashed with that bit more attitude and the rocks surrounding set the imagination running.

I am a very creative person though my follow up lacks. Whilst I create beauty in my mind, producing it in reality to share with others never quite goes to plan. This beach however, boasts so much character and so many different angles that even I, in my amateur photography ways, couldn’t fail to capture its beauty.

Beauty and a beach…

The shuttle bus only runs to and from La Cala on the hour. As we had never been before we had arranged with the driver to pick us up 1 hour after he dropped us off, but I could have happily stayed there for a few more.

After perusing the information given to us at check in we planned on grabbing lunch at Uncle Sam’s American Diner. That’s when the downside of traveling in the low season reared its ugly head, a few of the restaurants had closed down for the year now and you guessed it, Uncle Sam’s was one of them.

We still hopped aboard the shuttle bus though and went on a mini tour of the area spotting all of the little attractions and restaurants that weren’t endorsed by the hotel. There a couple of restaurants dotted about that we hadn’t seen before and a few more bars. We settled on a little spot called La Barra which turned out was only a stones throw from the hotel and tennis courts.

Now don’t judge me, but I ended up having a kids meal of fish fingers, chips and peas for lunch. Typical Brit abroad I know. It’s horrendous. As we discovered on day 1, the term vegetarian means nothing here!

We did indulge in some Spanish culture (which is very limited in this resort) with a glass of Sangria each. It was delicious. Chris and I were almost singing as we left, not drunk but that very enjoyable, very entertaining stage of merry! Will definitely be returning for a little more of that.

When in Spain…

A couple of the tennis players had rented a villa together and kindly hosted a barbecue for everyone this evening. When we arrived this was no bog standard villa and certainly no bog standard barbecue! They had prepared a feast good old Henry XIII would have been proud of!


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