La Manga | When All Else Fails…

This week is fast becoming the week of failed plans and we are now the masters of back ups.

Initially, the idea was to get up early and head down to the tennis courts for a hit in the morning before heading to Cartagena, a historical city a short journey from the resort, in the afternoon but I had a really broken nights sleep so when morning came round I was not ready to rise. By the time we were ready to make a move it was too late to go play tennis.

Then came yet more rearranging, the trip to Cartagena has been postponed because today is a bank holiday in Spain (Wednesday seems a fairly odd day for a holiday don’t you think?) so all of the shops and attractions would be closed.

Tomorrow we are due rain so the tennis is cancelled but our adventure to Cartagena is still going ahead because well, we are British so pretty used to dealing with the rain!

So after all the rearranged plans, we decided to make the most of the still glorious weather (not sure I believe it’s going to rain actually) by laying on a sun lounger with a good book. So cliched but it should definitely come under the definition of holiday.

At the arrival of Mama Gee and her friend, we took them to La Cala. They had yet to go so we thought it would be good to encourage a change of scenery on their break and we got lunch at a hotel endorsed restaurant there.

Back to the beach

As soon as we arrived it was a very different experience from Monday, the waves whilst still on the gentle side were crashing much more frequently and a little higher, the tide came in a little further and there were more people so it felt a little less private, but still spectacular. The gleaming sun, the sparkling water and the sound of he waves has to be one of the most relaxing settings.

The food at the restaurant is probably the best food we have eaten here so far, looking out over the water at the cruise ships on the horizon, we had a range of seafood between us which was cooked to absolute perfection. It brought me to realize that I was yet to really enjoy any food here but thankfully, today I did!

Gorgeous views from the restaurant

The slight change in aggression of the waves was a definite indicator of the change in weather, rain was forecast for the afternoon and by the time we were back at the hotel the sun was behind clouds and the breeze was picking up.

We made the most of it by spending a couple of hours at the pool before heading up to the gym for a chest a triceps workout.

Mid rep and struggling

Of course, we just had to indulge in the spa again whilst we were up that way. Especially with the change in weather and the setting of the sun it was great to experience the change in atmosphere and scenery.

Views at sundown

As I already mentioned, it was Spanish Bank Holiday today and we weren’t sure which food establishments were going to be open.

The shuttle bus driver drove us a different route back to the hotel but we hopped out a little earlier after driving past a restaurant called ‘Si!’ It was more like a sports bar with TV’s in every line of sight and a different sport playing on each one but the menu got me excited.. ‘vegetarian lasagne’. The first time I have seen the term vegetarian incorporated into a menu here! It was also delicious!

We were all feeling absolutely wiped by the time we left, I think between the spa and the weather, which was now a bit chilly and raining, all the energy had been drained. This called for one thing and one thing only, a good old early night all round. Tomorrow will be a whole different kettle of fish, we will be refreshed and ready for the adventures ahead come rain or shine!

Good night

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