La Manga | When It Rains, It Storms

Wow, the weather forecast certainly wasn’t wrong. It was most definitely raining but nonetheless our trip to Cartagena was going ahead.
On the advice of the concierge we asked the taxi driver to take us to El Corte Ingles under the impression that this was an indoor shopping mall. Unfortunately, we were a little to eager and arrived before it opened.

The taxi driver very kindly offered another suggestion of the port and the row of shops along there so that’s where we headed.

On the drive up I was not expecting much from this little town but actually I judged too prematurely. It was actually quite beautiful. The floors were made of beautifully decorative stone, in the wet they were also a tad dangerous being that they were so slippery but the beauty outshone the danger. The street was surrounded by some simply stunning architecture and decorative fountains, on a dry sunny day I’m sure the beauty of this area is quite mesmerising.

The beautiful streets of Cartagena

As the weather wasn’t so today however, our plan was to browse the shops in the hope that the rain died off just long enough for us to explore the roman ampitheatre, sadly the rain wasn’t so obliging.

Not to worry though, I was treated to pair of shoes which I just adore.

At one stage, Mama Gee ended up dancing in the rain to the music of a busker. It was quite funny and I caught it all on video!

On our return to the now open, El Corte Ingles it turned out that this was more a department store than a shopping mall. Fortunately, there was a shopping mall on the way back to the hotel; Espacio Mediterrano. We stopped her before heading back to the hotel to get ready for our evening meal.

Off to another villa tonight. One of the ladies who was hosting us was vegetarian so she catered for myself and herself whilst the other lady whom was not vegetarian catered a meat dish for herself and the others. How perfect! We all had the relevant paella dish tonight, it was lovely and finally we were all eating Spanish!

The walk up to their villa was quite comical though. We walked round a one giant circle before realising we were lost. Each road in La Manga doesn’t look much different from the last. Eventually we found our way and headed up a great hill. The rain had died off but thunder and lightening had set in.

As we sat on their rather large balcony for our meal, the lightening coming from behind the mountains in electric blue rays made quite a wonderful setting. I tried to capture it on camera but as Chris very cleverly left ours at home the only device to use was my iPhone 5 and the camera was just not good enough to capture but take my word for it, it was stunning. Mid sentence a few times we all wowed at some of the lightening strikes.

A snippet of lightening captured at the bottom left hand corner

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