Review of NEU Apparel Gymwear | Yoga at Peckforton Castle Event

You might think beach yoga is where it is at but have you done yoga on a castle lawn in the beaming down sun? It’s certianly a royal experience, prinnies.

The Event

Gate entrance to Peckforton Castle in Cheshire
Entering the Castle…

Yoga, in the stunning grounds of Peckforton Castle to review NEU Apparel’s latest active wear range – yes perlease.

Granted, I was blissfully unaware that the active wear for review consisted of shorts, sports bra and a crop top. Let me tell you, arriving and seeing all the other girls (actual models though seriously) in their activewear sets set in a brief moment of panic. Post Easter weekend after having eaten my body weight in chocolate, it will serve as no surprise to you that bearing all was not top of my list of things to do. That being said, I was in true Missy T fashion running slightly late so there wasn’t much time for panicking rather, I remember being more thankful for the fact that I had shaved, tanned and the weather was absolutely glorious!

Entering the library which was being used as a changing room, I was handed a package with my name on it (ordinarily I’d have taken a picture but remember I was running late) next thing I know, I’m on my yoga mat outside with all the other girls, wearing Neu Apparels Marina Sculpt Shorts and Sports Bra ready to start the yoga session. Again, thank the heavens for the warm sunshine and having a silky smooth tanned body!

The Review – Initial Thoughts.

Missy wearing the NEU Apparel Sculpt Shorts and Sports Bra in Marina a Sage Green colour
Your girl over here wearing the Marina shorts and sports bra

My initial thoughts of the gym wear: TIGHT. Very tight.

If the next size up was available, I probably would have opted to try that on but as it wasn’t, I stuck with the size I had on. For reference, I am a size 6 ordinarily and I am wearing the NEU Apparel size XS in the Sculpt Shorts and the Venus Sports Bra in colour Marina.

The material does feel like compression material so actually, getting the outfit on is a task in itself. Though, like I say, the material is tight and tough (but soft to touch) so when it is on, it actually feels really comfortable and as though everything is securely in its place (if you know what I mean gals)!

I am wearing the Marina set which is a lovely shade of muted, sage green. Very light in colour and almost desaturated but I actually really do love the colour!  Some of the other girls were wearing the Aleutian Set which again, comprises of the Sculpt Shorts and Sports bra however, is more of a dove grey/lilac colour. Again, very muted tones but beautiful nonetheless. Both colours are perfect for spring/summer and I do envision getting A LOT of wear out of mine.

The Yoga.

Eryn and I in full yoga flow.
Me (on the left) wearing the NEU Apparel Marina set. Eryn (Right) wearing NEU Apparel Aleutian set.

Well, never have I done yoga like this before. Intense flow, headstands, balancing and wheels (or as they used to  be called in my gymnastics days, bridges) this session had it all! Not that the Daily Mail would have you believing we did anything of the sort!


If you look past Christine McGuinness and all of her perfect-ness, you will see your girl, Missy T here, looking gormless as ever. I mean have you ever seen something so sexy!? What can I say girls, the concentration was real. I really, really did enjoy this yoga session. It was lead by one of the fabulous instructors from The Studio, Cheshire so I will definitely be heading over there for more!

The Review – Final Thoughts.

So, how did NEU Apparel’s clothing hold up you might be asking. Well angels, it surprised me, I will give it that.

The Shorts:

High Rise, Sculpt Shorts. As mentioned earlier when I put them on, they felt very tight however, they did not go see through (phew – see above Daily Mail picture), they were extremely easy to move in, there was no crotch sweat (again, see beautiful picture above from the Daily Mail for further clarification on this), they stayed put and there were no uncomfortable camel toe issues. Don’t get me wrong, the shorts did rise slightly through some movements but it was never uncomfortable and my dignity remained intact (until I seeing aforementioned picture that is anyway).

All in all, I would give the shorts an 8 out of 10. The only improvements I could make would be for them to be a tad longer, purely for my own comfort as I am used to wearing longer shorts for working out in. Additionally, they were a tad tight which caused a few ‘fat rolls’ to form above the shorts. Not something I am particularly bothered about as my body is my body and fat rolls are totally normal, however, I don’t usually have such rolls so it did feel a tad uncomfortable. That being said, this problem (very much a first world problem, I know) could easily be solved by ordering the next size up. Will definitely be wearing these shorts again for the gym throughout this summer.

Personal Trainer Missy doing a headstand on the lawn outside Peckforton Castle after the Yoga Session wearing NEU Apparel Gymwear
Upside down is my favorite way to be
The Sports bra:

I really did have high hopes for the sports bra, unfortunately it did let me down a tad. The support given to my lil puppies was less than satisfactory. There were even a few nip slips (which thankfully did not make it on to the Daily Mail)! I’m all for free the nipple but on my terms would be preferable, rather than mid downward dog! Perhaps if the compression top was worn over the top more support would have been provided. I do wonder if I had the bigger size whether the outcome would have been the same though. Whether I would still be spilling out (which I laugh as I write given that I am not particularly top heavy)!?

Ultimately, I am going to give the sports bra a 3 out of 10. Light support, comfortable to wear and suitable for low impact gym sessions.

Personal Trainer, Missy wearing the NEU Apparel Marina Sculpt Shorts and Sports Bra in front of Peckforton Castle
A successful yoga session in the sun.

NEU Apparel

A brand set up by a fellow Warringtonian, Rebecca Scott, I feel needs an extra special mention – I will not regurgitate the story of NEU Apparel and how it came to be as Rebecca tells it better herself here complete with ‘*eyerolls*’ and a quick ‘thanks mum‘. What I will say however, is that NEU Apparrel, excites me as a brand; aside from being extremely fashion forward they are very ethical which makes it all the more easier to support them as a business. Promoting ethical working standards,, sustainability and plastic free packaging – if only all other companies could get on board with this!

Here are a few of the pieces from NEU Apparel‘s collection which I will be looking to acquire in the near future – do let me know if you want me to review them aswell: