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Jewellery is so personal, as should be shopping for it.. Peter Jackson The Jeweller perfects it all. 

Wearing jewellery through my PE lessons despite being constantly yelled at by the PE teachers in high school was my effort at a teenage rebellion. Hard core I know but only losers went down the predictable route of drugs and alcohol and I friends, was not a loser! Anyway, this rebellious time has apparently stuck with me right into adulthood (yes, turning 27 this month means I am well and truly, beyond all deniability, an adult) because you will rarely find me in the gym without my silver Links of London heart earrings. I mean, don’t they just scream bad ass!



The right jewellery really can make you feel like you can take on the world. If ever I need to focus and make sure I get something done, I get a piece of jewellery to commemorate the same. This blurs into the areas of laws of attraction too but that’s another blog for another time.


Building a good rapport with a jeweller is important because jewellery is super personal. How many times have you seen jewellery you wouldn’t be caught dead in but someone else loves? Exactly, I rest my case. Which is precisely the reason I prefer to purchase my shiny precious metals and stones through independent jewellers. Aside from their insane ability to remember the little details about you, if you build up a good enough relationship you may find that they contact you with pieces that they think you will like. More so, independent jewellers very often have pieces of jewellery which are custom made unlike some of the bigger franchises where they only sell mass produced, identical items. Which of course is fine but sometimes, there are occasions where you want a piece of jewellery to be so personal that no one else will have the same.


Peter Jackson meets Bloggers. Rachel, Myself and Jacinta


Peter Jackson, The Jeweller hosted their first blogger event a couple of weeks ago and was lucky enough to be in attendance. You might be thinking what business does a fitness blogger/personal trainer have at a jeweller event in which case, I shall refer you back to the my earlier comments about being obsessed with jewellery and wearing it in the gym because I am an actual rebel.


Plus, above all else, I‘m like 90% certain I was a magpie in a former life because I naturally gravitate towards shiny things. Not even mad about it though. Sparkles make me happy.


Especially THIS 4 carat ice white baby I tried on at Peter Jackson’s store…


I mean would you just look at it.. Wow!!


I’ve had a bit of an uneasy feeling about diamonds ever since watching Blood Diamond the babe that is Leonardo DiCaprio. Thankfully, the staff at Peter Jackson were on hand to put my mind to rest and not laugh at me for asking questions about conflict diamonds and embarrassingly admitting that all of my knowledge of such comes that incredible film.


Now my mind is at ease, I obviously had a lot of lost time to make up for so I swooned over every sparkly stone I could lay my little size ‘H’ fingers on.


Including this STUNNING extremely (emphasis on the extremely) rare green diamond. SO beautiful and so rare that Peter Jackson himself actually left me totally and completely 100% unattended whilst this babe of a rock adorned my fingers. Too bad I’m such a goody two shoes (I refer you back to my earlier admission of rebellion) or that bad boy would have been mine forever.


Rare green diamonds.. of course this would be my favorite!


Anyway, its like Peter Jackson actually saw me coming because they had an actual stand set up for teaching us all about diamonds, how they are mined and where they come from which is actually incredibly interesting. If you want a 100% conflict free diamond btw, Canadian Ice is where its at. Knew my Canadian lovers wouldn’t let me down. In fact, our very own HRH Jacinta Dawn did so well with the learning about diamonds and mining for them she actually won herself her very own sparkly little stones to put in her ears.


Mining for diamonds..
This is an actual ‘diamond in the rough’
& there is our very own diamond, Jacinta with her sparkling prize

We then went on to learn about the different colours and types of stones in a game of pairs. I love a good game and get very competitive (which is sometimes always to my own detriment but oh well). Myself, Jacinta and Rachel actually did really well and only got two wrong and I discovered a new stone which I love – the Watermelon Diamond.


So unique watermelon stone


Peter Jackson had also arranged for a fun ‘guess the how many candies are in the jar’ kind of game but with a more adult twist (not that kind of adult, get your minds out of the gutters) – it was ‘guess the cost of the jewellery in the cabinet’. There were 10 rings in total and bearing in mind the two rings that I had just tried on cost between £30k to £50k, I guess around £500k or something ridiculous. Competitive me put a lot of thought and energy into picking this number. Idiot. The grand total of the cabinet was about £80k. shows what I know!


Even with all of this fun happening around the store, there were still gorgeous canapes, bowls of chocolates and a jewellery cleaning station where my very brass, tarnished Links of London bracelet was restored to its former glory.

Sparkle Station in progress

The fun did not stop there though, oh no. Peter Jackson had actually arranged to gift us with not only a beautiful Thomas Sabo bracelet but also with an engravable charm to go with it. (I’ve actually put my charm on a necklace though).

Pondering what to get engraved on my charm.. over pink lemonade obviously!

As I said before, jewellery is extremely personal. So on my charm, I got the two loves of my life engraved. On one side; Romeo


My Romeo


And on the other side – GEE 46 for the love of my life and my favorite ice hockey player in the world



GEE 46


There’s a piece of jewellery for every occasion, now I don’t have to wear an Ice Hockey jersey in support (thank god) – I wear his name and number with pride around my neck.


Thank you SO much Peter Jackson!


This fabulous jewellery event benefits you as well though. Peter Jackson has very kindly arranged for you to receive a 15% discount with code ALLURE18 across their entire range (sale items not included obviously). This is not a commission link, this purely is a gift for you. So, go put it to use and treat yourself!


Thank you to everyone at Peter Jackson!

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  1. I just couldn’t imagine myself wearing something so expensive! Not that it’s not worth it, these pieces look absolutely lovely. However, I know I’d just lose it or something! It’s my biggest fear for when my other half pops the question haha. These look absolutely stunning though, I’m glad you and the girls enjoyed yourselves!

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