Pre-Holiday Prep | 2 Weeks to Beach Body

Its T minus 2 weeks until you board that plane and take off into the sunset, leave all your cares behind and spend the next week or so soaking up the sun, giving your mind and body a well earned rest.

Aaaand your back in the room…

2 weeks to go! How did that happen?! This body is not ready for a bikini and the beach is not ready for this body.

Woosah Marcus Bennett from Bad Boys


Well aware of the panic bikini season can cause, MYA contacted me and asked for any tips that I may have to share. Given that my own holiday was fast approaching and yes, bikini season is daunting for me too, it was already a topic I planned on covering. This post has therefore, been written in collaboration with MYA.

First of all, lets begin by making one thing crystal clear; you have a body and a bikini and plan on wearing it to the beach – guess what you are beach body ready.

We totally get where the panic comes from though. As a society, we do generally tend to wear clothes to go about our daily business, clothes which are alot more forgiving than that of a bikini too.

Feeling a little vulnerable in a bikini is totally understandable. In the weeks leading up to your date of departure though, there are a couple of things you can do to increase and maintain body confidence and no I’m not talking the drastic measures of doing 500 burpees a night, dancing round the garden praying to the goddess of the beach and sacrificing a lamb. *phew*. Thankfully, these pre-holiday body confidence preparation tips are much, much simpler than that.


1) Hyrdrate;

Yeah I know you drink water every day, that doesn’t necessarily mean your body is hydrated though. I’m also willing to bet that you drink waaaay more water when on holiday too. I mean it’s boiling out, of course more water is consumed which is definitely a good thing and I 100% support appropriately hydrating yourself.

Question (If Destiny’s Child follow that, I salute you); Why wait until you are actually on holiday to increase water intake though?

In just two words I can tell you why you shouldn’t: W A T E R   R E T E N T I O N

Yes, I am suggesting drink more water to decrease the effects of water retention. Give your body time to adapt to the increased amounts so that it does not feel the need to store them.

There are additional benefits to this too such as flushing your system of toxins as it is inevitable that there will be more bathroom trips, plus being hydrated always works wonders for the skin.

Everyday I’m Guzzlin..


2) Eat;

Never have I been a fan of ‘dieting’ per se but there are times when I slightly restrict myself of a certain type of food. Unsurprisingly, my body doesn’t really know how to react when these foods are consumed again which usually results in very unflattering, quite painful bloating.

The same goes for instances of overindulgence, whether it be food as a whole or a particular type of food. Which we only know too well, is extremely easy to do while on holiday. Duh, diets are for Monday!

The best way to combat this is to slowly beign to reintroduce any restricted foods back into your diet in the 2 weeks previous to going away. Especially for foods that you are likely going to eat during your holiday. Provided you don’t binge, this should not have any negative effects other than the effects of reacclimatising the body.


3) Forget the Fad;

Like I say, never have I been a dieter and I do not intend to start right on top of vacation season – I don’t know about you but being in a constant state of HANGRY does not appeal to me, not one tiny little bit especially not right before going away.

Aside from these fad diets being mostly unhealthy they are generally totally pointless too, I mean are you really going to go away and only eat baby food? Didnt think so.

Instead, it comes down to making more conscious decisions when it comes to eating. Am I actually hungry or bored? Have I eaten anything other than carbs today? The key is to ensure calorific intake is made up of a good balance of carbohydrates, protein and good fats.

Still eat the pizza if you want to and just make sure your overall day of food is balanced which, could be as simple as reducing the carb content on the next meal .

Let’s not also forget that fad diets very often have side effects that are not welcome at the best of times, never mind the lead up to your summer vacay!


Chris Griffin Zit image Fad Diet side affect are spots
Fad diets aren’t all they are cracked up to be…


4) Increase the cardio;

Yeah, there is no way to sugar coat this one.

If you want the world to see those winter gainz you gotta shred the winter chub.

HOWEVER before we start to run away with ourselves, do NOT get confused and think this means 2 weeks to lose a stone or drop a dress size. It simply means increasing the frequency and/or intensity of cardio sessions to kick your body into fat burning mode. This will decrease your overall body fat percentage allowing those beautiful muscles we have worked so hard to build to show through, creating those beautiful body contours.


Skip skip skip to the beach..


5) BCAA’s;

Branch Chain Amino Acids.

While it is a good idea to take these year round, they can be introduced at any point.

BCAA’s are like an insurance for your muscle, particularly when doing a lot of cardio. They protect muscles from being broken down as a primary source of energy instead, encouraging the body to turn to fat stores.


There you have it. 5 super simple steps for getting beach body ready in less than 2 weeks in collaboration with MYA

Have a great summer vacay!

Summer vibes

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