Review of SportFX Cosmetics | Fitness Favorite or Fitness Fail?

Wearing make up to the gym isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I know. As someone who is very concerned with skincare first, I used to always be the one removing my make up before heading for a sweat sesh. However, in recent years I have come to enjoy the feeling of confidence gained from wearing make up, especially on ‘off’ days. Sometimes I will even put make up on for the sole purpose of going to the gym. Which always proves a bit of a nightmare because by the end of a session any resemblance of a Greek goddess is long gone and now, its more like a drowned clown!


If only there was a make up brand specifically designed to withstand the sweatiest of gym sessions…

Whilst walking round Sports Direct I bumped into a stand in the middle of the store ‘SportFX Cosmetics’. Did my wishes not only just come true but also smack me in the face?!

Who are SportFX Cosmetics?

If you have never heard of SportFX Cosmetics before they are a make up brand specifically designed for active women. Their brand ethos is to provide make up for active women that will last as long as we do.

The Products

Obviously, I had to pick up a few of the products to test before going all in and purchasing the whole range. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of products available actually. In the end I opted for the ones that I was most interested in:

  1. Balance Boosting BB Creme  which they describe as game changing. We will see.
  2. Definition Duo Eyeliner Pencil  a duo ended eyeliner that will create a soft and sexy smoky eye and a fierce feline flick, they say.
  3. Mist and Fix Recovery Face Spray A 2-in-1 product. It will both fix our make up in place as well as cooling our faces when sprayed.

For those that no me, they will no that eyeliner is my thing. You could fly away on the wings of my liner. I have BIG hopes for this product!

SportFX Cosmetics Before and After
Before and After… Wearing SportFX Cosmetics

The Test

As these cosmetics claim to be able to keep up with the busy girl, I put them through a real busy girl test. Starting of with some lunch, a spot of shopping and finally finishing off with some gymnastics training. I then continued to wear the products throughout the course of the week to see how they kept up on the day to day – both in the office and in the gym.

My Thoughts…

SportFX Cosmetics Review
Pondering the results..

Okay boo, I’m impressed.

First of all, the BB Creme. Not even exaggerating when I say this; this is THE best BB Creme I have ever tried. My complexion is pale. When I say pale I mean Caspar pale. Meaning BB Creme’s tend to give me a very undesirable orange glow. This one however, blended seamlessly and really did even out my skin tone. It doesn’t quite hide any bigger blemishes and I did need some reinforcement under the eyes with a concealer. Giving this BB Creme a 8/10 though. It literally lasted the whole day, didn’t slide off my face the only downside I would say, is that I was looking a tad on the greasy side by the end of the day – which probably could be prevented with some powder.

The Mist & Fix Spray – I am unsure on this one. Just because the BB Creme did last all day even when I didn’t use the mist and fix. That being said, it does have a nice refreshing cooling effect when used which is very welcome after an hour or so in the gym. I think I’d be tempted to try the cool down primer and recovery gel in future to see how that compares. This product I give a 5/10.

The only product I am quite disappointed in is the duo eyeliner. It went on nicely, though it was more of a grey than a black. However, it just didn’t last. By the time we got to lunch, it had already smudged and started to move around my eyes. By the time I got to the gym to workout, the wings were completely gone and I had had to clean up under my eyes a couple of times. The only saving grace for the eyeliner is the fact that it was a duo end and I used the brown side on my eyebrows. Which surprisingly, was amazing. It allowed me to draw very precise hair strokes and actually did last all day!

Do you think I should try out the other products in the range? Let me know which ones in the comments! 


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The products were bought with my own money and for my own ideas. I really wanted to review them and though you may find my results interesting.



  1. I love the idea of this! The BB cream sounds amazing. Even though you know I think you’re flawless with or without makeup 🙂 xxx

  2. I’m definitely not someone who wears makeup when working out. My skin is super sensitive and gets irritated far too easily. I love the sound of a few spritzes of the face spray after an gym sesh though! x

  3. I’ve never come across this brand. I’m a mature gym user and get horrible menopausal red faced flushes!
    I may have to try the BB cream – I hate looking as if I’m gasping my last!

    I never feel as bad as I look

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