Secret Project | The Reveal

The time has come to reveal all. After giving so many sneak peaks on social media it is finally time to let you all in on our secret little (MASSIVE) project. Are you ready?… *Drumroll please*…




Guys, a dream that has been in the pipe lines for the past 3 years is finally becoming a reality. Chris and I (mostly Chris) have been working day and night to bring it to life.

From the get go it has been an absolute challenge. Literally, from the get go. Trying to get in on the first day of having keys faced us with a hurdle to tall to jump – code locked gates which we obviously did not have the code for – so we wriggled our way under instead. Never fall at the first hurdle right!

Prior to crawling under the gate to get inside, I hadn’t actually seen first hand with my own eyes the inside of the premises. When Chris opened the door and we stepped inside, I’ve no idea what I was expecting but I do know what lay before far exceeded those expectations. This is a BRILLIANT space. So very exciting!

I can literally sense the confusion as your looking at the pictures  (below) what are you excited about. the place is a MESS!

Gym unit premises first look
First impressions..

One thing Chris and I are really good at is seeing beyond what stands directly infront of us. We find potential and make plans. Where as most people may have entered the building and been off put by the flaking paint, the rusty beams, the dust & dirt, the missing bricks, the broken bricks, the ugly flooring, the gaping doorways and the plants growing through the walls/roof but we saw past it all and we were beyond inspired. We weren’t just visualizing anymore, we could actually see our dreams unfolding before us. Although, make no mistake we were under no illusions this was going to be a job and a half. Looking back now though, even we underestimated just how BIG of a job this was set to be though.

And room two..

Let the work commence…

We are now in week 6 of renovations/decorations and it has been stressful AF. Between working and Ice Hockey, Chris & I (again, mostly Chris) have spent almost every spare waking hour in there getting it ready for the opening. Which of course, is already behind schedule but hey, don’t all the best projects fall behind schedule and over budget?! Please, just say yes.

So far we have had a complete clear out which involved the eviction of a long-since-dead rat, removal of foliage that was growing up the walls and through the roof, ripping out bolts from the floor and sanding metal beams. Then time to prep for painting by removing as much dust as possible not a fun job believe me and to fill in as many holes as possible ready for painting directly onto brick which is really not that easy. Throw in running behind schedule and only being half way done with painting the night before the flooring is due which in turn throws us over our first planned opening date you can kind of get the gist of the pace things have been going. One moment it feels like we’re getting no where the next moment you look around and all the walls are painted, the floor is down, equipment is built and out and suddenly, everything looks as though it is falling into place.

Again.. mostly Chris

Not a single one of those jobs came without its trials and tribulations and no doubt, there are plenty more to come but through every challenge, we have loved every single second. Honestly, the hardest part is coming up with a name for the gym – we are playing around with a couple of ideas but nothing is set in stone yet. Any ideas welcomed. Please help.

There is still plenty more to do in the gym before it is fully operational and our vision a reality but every day it is getting there. We will of course be keeping you updated with progress. We are kind of planning on having a launch party but all of our efforts at present are going into actually getting the gym ready. Perhaps as more to-do’s are ticked off we can get planning a launch party.

Sneak preview 🙊

I hope you like the way the gym is shaping up and genuinley cannot wait to unveil the finished product. In the meantime, make sure you are following my social media for further updates & sneak peaks!

Oh also, one last thing.. if there is one thing you could change about your current gym what would it be? Let me know in the comment section.



  1. Congrats! It’s amazing that you have
    worked hard to make your dream
    come true – I can’t wait to see more.
    As for what I would change about
    my gym, I guess it would be the

  2. Massive congrats, what a fantastic achievement, you should be very proud !! xxx

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