Missy T standing under pink neon light at V1BE Fitness Warehouse style gym

Sensory Yoga | KIHT Collective

Merry December my loves! How fast has 2018 gone?!

As the busiest month of the year descends upon us, I was extremely thankful to attend KIHT Collective’s Christmas Yoga and Brunch event this Saturday. No better way to begin the season of stress than with a nice relaxing yoga session lead by none other than Sarah Nutribloom.

KIHT Collective V1BE Fitness Christmas Invite

So on Saturday, I headed into a very wintery, rainy Manchester to V1BE Fitness, where the event was being held. Having never been here before, it was definitely not what I expected. Very different from your average gym. It was in a basement with no windows so, very dark however, each bricked alcove was lit with different coloured lights. In a dark room this was a GREAT effect.

Posing under Pink LED Light Gym
Those Warehouse gym vibes..

Now, I have taken only one yoga class prior to this weekend and you may already be in the know that this class was also ran by Sarah as I wrote about it here.

This weekend’s yoga class was slightly different though. It was sensory yoga. Don’t worry I had never heard of it either, but sensory yoga uses colours and smells to help guide you through the different motions of the session.

Pitch black room set up for the yoga class with KIHT Collective logo on screen.
The room set up

As you can see in the picture, the yoga class took place in front of a projector screen. This same screen was utilised to show different colours throughout the session which all symbolised different emotions from calm and relaxing to energetic and creative. Sarah was on hand to explain to us what each colour meant as they appeared throughout the class.

One thing I have to say though guys, is don’t underestimate yoga. It’s work! I very naively thought that with there being so much focus on breathing and relaxation, that it would kind of be a walk in the park. I was wrong. For a girl that is fairly flexible and relatively strong, let me tell you some of those poses had me shaking!

Girls at the yoga event
Always a fun event with these bombshells <3

There was one part I did find really relaxing though. Whilst we were all lay on our backs focusing on our breathing, Sarah came and massaged some oil into our temples then had us lie in the foetal position. If I am being honest, I was genuinely fighting falling asleep! Even with the shaking legs and standing in rather unnatural feeling positions, at the end of the class I did feel extremely calm and stretched. I know that’s an odd thing to say but if you have ever had a really good stretching session you will know what I mean.

But as I said, yoga is work and we had worked up quite an appetite. Luckily, Danielle the little babe that she is had arranged brunch for us.

Bircher Muesli and protein balls brunch from Sophia Hall Nutritionist
Fabulous Brunch offerings from Sophia Hall..

Prepared by Sophia, a registered nutritionist we hard Bircher muesli and protein balls. All made from scratch using healthy, wholesome ingredients. Honestly, I am not usually a lover of protein balls or anything that has kind of an ‘earthy’ taste to it but Sophia nailed these recipes – I only wish I could recreate them at home but I am terrible at anything involving a kitchen.

Before we parted, we were all given personalised goodie bags from KIHT as it was their Christmas event and they were so cute! Filled with some amaaazing goodies too.

Personalised goodie bag – Love anything with my name on <3
Best goodie bags from KIHT Collective yoga and brunch event
All those goodies! Best ever!

Apologies for the pic including wrappers but I couldn’t resist. I wonder if my tastebuds have changed or if there are a few companies out there that have actually mastered making healthy, wholesome treats without them tasting like they just came straight from the soil.

What a fabulous way to start the festive period hey? Thank you so much Danielle, KIHT, Sarah Nutribloom, Sophia Nutritionist, Tan Organics, Wild Fizz Kombucha, Yusa Drinks, Raw Bake Station, Conscious Chocolate, Ape Snacks, The Protein Ball Company, Herban Cowboy Official, Lost Barn Coffee and Free Soul Sisters. Now, let’s just pray that this feeling of gratitude and relaxation remains throughout the rest of December!

Romeo trying to eat the coconut puffs
Even Romeo says thank you for the goody bag.. or he did until I had to wrestle these off him anyway!



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  1. This honestly sounds like the most wonderful experience- I love yoga, so definitely want to give sensory yoga a try! x

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