Spring In Your Step | How to Increase Energy Levels.

Sometimes, the timing of life is just perfect isn’t it.

For the most part of this year, I have been feeling extremely lethargic, less than energetic and tired all of the time. I am able to shimmy myself into gear the majority of the time but honestly, all I seem to want to do is sleep.

Obviously, this situation was less than ideal so I did what any normal person would do… googled it (for those of you who thought I was going to say went to the doctor – it’s 2018 – trying to make an appointment with a doctor is a far too much hassle), anyway, aside from potentially having every cancer known to man (thank you google), I decided it was more than likely a vitamin deficiency of some description.

Given that I am a vegetarian and terrible at cooking, it wasn’t a great shock.

Time to get the cupboard stocked up and full of vitamins and supplements. It’s all very exciting until you set foot down the vitamin aisle and realise you don’t speak science. That place is a dang mind field, some things sound like they have been pulled straight from you garden, others like they have been devised in a top secret lab and others like your playing battleships! I mean who came up with these names?!

PING.. here comes the perfect timing part..

Just as I was about to place a supplement order with Amazon, I receive an email asking if I would like to review some vitamin supplements from BiocareWinner! I explained the problems I was having and they sent over two products; Magnesium Citrate and Methyl Multinutrient. Apparently, these supplements are perfect for helping to boost energy and immunity whilst fighting tiredness and fatigue! Exactly what I need. 


The vitamins AKA givers of life.

The fabulous people at BioCare also sent over to me a list of tips to help naturally increase energy levels, which is such a perfect addition. The way we live our every day life can have more of an effect on our energy levels than we sometimes think. These tips are spot on so, if you are feeling particularly fatigued or a loss of energy of late and don’t quite fancy taking any supplements just yet, try implementing some of these tips in your day to day activities and see how your energy levels improve:


Top Tips for Boosting Energy This Spring,

from Chris Newbold, Head of Clinical Nutrition at BioCare


Avoid Caffeine After 2 p.m

Caffeine is great for increasing alertness, so starting the day with a cup of coffee may help sharpen your mind. However, you should consume this cautiously, and try to avoid it after 2pm, as it can cause problems with winding down in the evening and may cause restlessness before bedtime. – When I first read this, I was adamant that I could not get through a whole afternoon of work and then go to the gym without having any caffiene after 2pm but do you know what, I didnt even notice a difference. My afternoon coffee is now a Green Tea and I don’t even miss the coffee.


Even if it is a fabulous pink Latte… 📸: instagram @TheOfficialBrunchClub

Give Yourself A Breakfast Boost

If you find it hard to feel alert in the mornings, breakfast can give you the energy you need to face the day ahead. It’s important to go for healthier options, such as porridge and fruit, an omelette or wholemeal toast. Avoid fatty, deep-fried foods such as fry-ups, as these take a while for your body to digest and will leave you with less energy. Although it may be difficult to resist tucking into the office pastries, try opting for a healthy alternative as their lack of fibre, protein and high sugar content will leave you wanting to snack on more food before lunchtime. – First of all, I need a job at BioCare if they are buying pastries for the office! This is brilliant advice though, having a healthy breakfast with slow release carbs is a fantastic way to start your day and ensure that your body is fuelled for whatever lies ahead.

Get Some Shuteye

It may be obvious, but getting enough sleep is vital to feeling energised throughout the day. A bad night’s sleep can have a knock on effect for the rest of the week, so make sure you’re well rested every night to feel re-energised the next day.

It can take around 24-36 hours for your body to recover from a bad night’s sleep. If you’ve been unlucky enough to have a bad night’s sleep, make sure that you look after yourself the following day; stay hydrated, eat well don’t drink too much caffeine and front load your day by making sure that you get all the important things you need to do, done first. – More sleep? I can definitely get on board with that! All joking aside though, the importance of sleep is majorly overlooked, especially if you are a very active person/someone who trains in the gym a lot. Our bodies recover best in our sleep so poor sleep is also, poor recovery. 

Shut eye, catching flies.. gotta get that sleep in 😴

Add Some Protein

To fill you up and give you all-day energy, high quality protein is the answer. There are a variety of different options to choose from such as salmon and eggs for breakfast, followed by tuna or chicken for lunch and dinner. Alternatively, for a vegetarian option, try eggs, nuts, and a range of peas and beans. – This will also help any fellow gym bunnies trying to build themselves a booty. Protein is vital for muscle gain. More protein, more GAINZ (generally speaking.) 

DON’T Ditch The Complex Carbs

Foods such as brown rice, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, wheat and granary bread fuels the body and mind to help you make it through the day. These complex carbs are turned into glucose (blood sugar) in the body and are used as energy. – Exactly, Complex Carbs are not the enemy! Unless for medical reasons, if someone ever tells you not to eat carbs at all, tell them they are wrong. 

Ditch The Drink Before Bed

Alcohol can trick you into thinking that you will sleep better as it can often make you feel drowsy and can make it easier to fall asleep. However, this can also affect your energy levels the next day, as you’re more likely to wake up and feel groggy. Drinking alcohol can dehydrate the body, so reach for a glass of water between alcoholic drinks to ease the hangover symptoms the next day. – Aaaaand we’ve all definitely been there! Nobody enjoys a hangover. 

Thank you, Chris for those amazing tips. Hope you all found them as useful as I did? Aside from ditching the drink before bed (because I don’t drink alcohol anyway not because I can’t be without it), I have implemented all of these tips into my daily routine and my energy levels are sky high at the minute.

Along with the above Top Tips For Boosting Energy from Chris, I have also been taking the vitamin supplements from BioCare for around one month now and I have to say, they actually work. I really struggle to take tablets and these tablets are definitely not small but the struggle was so worth it. Even though it takes a couple of weeks to start seeing the benefits of adding in vitamin supplements, looking back on how I am feeling now to how I was feeling one month ago, it’s like I’m not even the same person. I legit feel so much more alive and with it. My body isn’t constantly crying out for a nap and I’m not fighting my eyes to stay awake at my desk praying that my boss doesn’t notice, nor are people having to repeat things to me multiple times, even my work outs – a time where I did feel energised have seen a benefit.

Thank you BioCare for genuinely helping me get through every day life!

Disclaimer: This blog was written in Collaboration with BioCare. Aside from the tips above from Chris Newbold, all words, thoughts and opinions are my own. Unless otherwise stated, all photographic imagery used is also my own. Additionally, this was not a paid post, as stated at the beginning of the blog, I was gifted the vitamin supplements for review however, I was not paid to do this blog nor told what to write. 

If this picture isn’t the epitome of Spring then I don’t know what is but anyway, here’s a cute picture of Romeo to put an extra spring in your step this week



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