Starting a YouTube Channel

Easily three years ago, my boyfriends mum suggested to us that we start a YouTube channel. At the time we weren’t convinced but we thought about it for a few weeks and decided it was a good idea. Fast forward three years or so and we finally went out to do some filming.

Our plan was to do an outdoor workout at the beach and get a couple of good shots for the blog whilst we were there. Now fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on which way you look at it I guess), we did try to set up our channel whilst we were living in Canada but for one reason or another it never happened, that experience did however prepare me for today, in that there was no way we were going to capture everything we wanted and most definitely wouldn’t do it in the first shot nor did we expect our content, quality or editing to level anywhere near the videos that inspire us (Jay Alverez is a huge video inspiration for me).

Prior to actually heading out of the door this morning, we had each visualized our final product. We broke it down and planned what we wanted to record, the effects, the outfits, the voice over, the speaking parts, the workout, props – everything. We were off to a great start, everything required was packed, breakfast was had, we were dressed and ready so, with coffee in hand and dog in tow we set out to make our first video! Wahey!

Considering it was 7.30am on a Sunday, the excitement was definitely real and was further intensified by the brightening of the sun, the blue of the sky and the lack of traffic on the roads! If you’re wondering why empty roads excited us, it’s because last time Chris and I attempted to go to the beach, we ended up turning round and coming home when we were about 20 mins from the beach because we had been 20 mins from the beach for the last 30 minutes. Traffic 1 – Missy & Chris 0 but today we levelled the playing field and even scored a great parking spot, perfect!

Now, just to get that little mile walk through the cutest Pine Woods, to the back of the sand dunes, take a fun little scramble up & over them and its hello beach! Easy Peasy, right?! Wrong, not today. You remember aesops fable, The North Wind & The Sun? Well we had front row seats today only in this version the wind didn’t give up. As we got closer to the beach the sand was hitting us so hard in the face we couldn’t see, breathe, or talk. I was genuinely shocked at how much it actually stung. We persevered though, convinced that once we got over the sand dunes it wouldn’t be so bad. Wrong. It was worse. But we had come this far, we were not giving up now. WE’RE NO QUITTERS!

Camera and tripod readied, recording was in process. The wind and sun seemed to have set a new challenge though because next thing, the tripod, camera still attached, was on its side. Every nook and cranny on the camera was now filled with sand. Brilliant. The last thing we need is a broken camera. Luckily, we managed to blow the vast majority of the sand away and continued with our mission. Even if it did mean wrapping my head in my bright blue sarong to prevent any further pain to my cheeks and ears. It was only when our little doggy, Romeo started to whimper and attempted to shield himself behind us that we decided it was time to call it a day and off home we ventured.

Nonetheless, I am still extremely happy that we went and although we returned home with minimal and frankly terrible footage, I still feel a strong sense of achievement. We have never been so close to our goal, we are constantly learning new things and even when we get battered by the beach, we still have fun. That’s what it’s all about at the end of the day isn’t it, having fun. It’s not necessary to be constantly fixated on the end result. Just go out there and chase your dreams, have a go. Keep making positive steps and taking action. Do what you can to get yourself closer to your goal, no matter how minimal, every step counts.

I’m sure you’re a little intrigued to see some of the footage this post is based on so, there’s a little clip on my Insta for you: @contourallure. I also made my account with YouTube so, if you want to get the notification when our first video goes live then please go ahead and subscribe: MissyT133

Finally, if you are looking to start your own YouTube channel and need a few tips, Thatbackpacker has some useful ones.


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