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International Chest Day

I don’t want square boobs so let’s not work on chest – another misguided cracker straight from yours truly. Yeah, as The Body Coach would say ‘GUILTY‘. Up until very recently, chest day wasn’t even a thing in my fitness regime. Why would I want to work chest. I’m flat chested enough as it is …


Fallen off the wagon | Get back up.

“Don’t confuse one defeat with total defeat”. Every moment is a new opportunity but if you aren’t looking for them then you’re going to miss them. Hey lovlies, Hope you have all had a fabulous week! I wish I could say I had. Unfortunately, it seems I have fallen off the wagon a little bit …


What’s in store for 2017 | Squats & Muscle Gain

How did you all get on with your New Year’s Resolution making? Did you find the planner useful? After encouraging you to plan out your resolution’s, I thought it only fair that I share mine, with you. If you are following me on instagram (which you definitely should be because this year I will be posting …