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KIHT X Contour Allure | Fitness & Brunch

I hosted my first fitness event in Manchester. It was incredible! You may remember this blog post from a couple of weeks ago, where I was telling you all about my friend & founder of KIHT Collective, Danielle bringing some of the London fitness scene vibes to Manchester, starting with Yoga & Brunch. Well, I am beyond honoured …


A Whole New World of Fitness | Virtual Reality

Literally a whole new world, or reality – well virtually, a reality. Nonetheless, we are taking fitness beyond it’s usual realms of capability. It sounds crazy to think of computer gaming and fitness as one and the same thing. I mean, stereotypically when we think of gamers and athletes, we tend to imagine almost the …


The Training Diary | Week 1

Welcome to week one of The Training Diary.  A new series where I will be reviewing my week of training. Ta Daaa. I decided to start this series for two reasons; the first being to help me stay on track by adding a further element of accountability; and secondly, to show you it’s not always …