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Fallen off the wagon | Get back up.

“Don’t confuse one defeat with total defeat”. Every moment is a new opportunity but if you aren’t looking for them then you’re going to miss them. Hey lovlies, Hope you have all had a fabulous week! I wish I could say I had. Unfortunately, it seems I have fallen off the wagon a little bit …


End of Month Check In | A New Milestone

Only look back to see how far you’ve come.   Is it me or has January absolutely flown by! I’m going to take that as a good thing though, given the saying time flies when your having fun! It’s been a month of fun so far. At the beginning of the month I started a …


Weightlifting | Top 5 Tips for beginners

Weight lifting is a vital component for most fitness regimes. Whether your goal is purely aesthetic, to increase strength, or to build muscle or for whatever reason it is that you are or want to start weight lifting the following tips will certainly be of use to you. Tip 1: Perfect your form. Contrary to …