The Benefits of Sprint Training name isn’t Forrest and I definitely do NOT run…


We established a loong time a go that cardio is not my favourite past time, especially if it involves running of any form. That being said, I find myself on the back foot, so to speak but before I get the told ya so dance in my face, just let me explain..

This simply glorious weather we have been having has been a great excuse to take exercise outside the walls of the gym and into the great outdoors. Usually that would take a fair bit of convincing but the thought of being couped up in a sweaty and thus smelly gym when the sun was beaming outside was kind of all the convincing required.

Or so I thought…

Little did I know, Chris had ushered me into the middle of a football pitch with the intentions of making me run. Yes. He actually planned on making me run.

Now I have resting b*tch face at the best of times so just imagine the look of disgust that came over when his devious little plans became clear (to be honest, I think even he was panicked for a minute or two). I mean, come on, my name isn’t Forrest and I definitely do not run.

Pulling an unimpressed face at coach for making me run
That face you make when coach wants you to run…

Aaaand that melodramatic side of me folks is precisely why I find myself on the back foot…. because who knew sprinting could be so much fun? My pre-paddy self didn’t That’s for sure!

Take it from me guys, save yourself a whole lot of drama and just sprint.. perhaps you will find it enjoyable too and it may even pleasantly surprise you just as much as it did me (I can’t be the only one right?!)

Buuut just incase you need a little more convincing, you must be sat blissfully unaware of the pretty impressive benefits of sprinting. Lord knows it took me a hot minute to finally understand.

I know full of  weird and wonderful little surprises today. Enjoying running and preaching the benefits… Who even am I right now?!

It’s just that it’s too good not to share..

Starting my first sprint
On your marks, get set, SPRINT

1. Increased Fat Loss;

As sprints are a form of interval training, it is the most effective training method to shred fat and preserve muscle masd. Here is Why.

2. Builds Muscle;

Yes, you read that correctly; cardio that builds muscle. Without giving you a full on science lesson, sprint training causes changes in the bodies hormone levels, targets fast-twitch muscle fibres & increases protein synthesis – all of which encourage muscle growth.

Cheeky twist – Rollerblade sprints

3) Harder; Faster; Stronger; Longer;

By forcing the body to exert maximum effort over a short period of time it causes adaptations, such as more efficient energy usage & increased abiliy to remove waste products from the muscles, that in turn increase overall speed and stamina.

4) Brain Functionality;

We all know that exercise increases endorphin levels but sprint training paves the way in this respect as well as increasing oxygen flow to the brain.

5) No equipment needed;

Pretty much what it says on the tin. Sprint training can be done almost anywhere without requiring any equipment. There are some pretty fun peices of equipment you can add in though such as a parachute, resistance bands, different floors – there is plenty of scope for variation if desired. You may also wish to time yourself on a stop watch but that’s completely optional.

Using a parachute for increased resistance


significantly decreases chances of being the first to die in the event of a zombie apocalyse.





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  1. I love how relatable this is and the benefits are bang on.

    Took me ages to come round to the idea but can’t beat a good old sprint session for cardio da

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