The Evolution | Dreams to Reality

Contour Allure is evolving guys!

Contour Allure literally stands for “form powerful attraction”. It is all about creating that which you are attracted to. As you may already know, we embraced this by providing confidence to fellow women who wish to go to the gym to create the body of their dreams or reach their desired fitness goals – something which I think we have been fairly successful with, GO TEAM!

Body goals? 😂

However, more recently it has become apparent that Contour Allure is actually about forming the life that you are attracted to. It is not restricted to the confines of a gym or boundaries of fitness but actually it is to be embraced as a way of life. Work for the body of your dreams absolutely, but why stop there.

 Of course, it will always come back to fitness. That is our core. Not least because our own health, fitness and well being is the most important thing we can invest in but also because, all of the positive changes in my life are a result of going to the gym, whether directly or indirectly. Going to the gym formed the perfect foundations to build the rest of my life upon.

This year has so far, been one of the best of my life. The second I got serious about creating the life of my dreams it actually started to happen in ways that I can’t even explain however, not one part of it is fluke and is a result of constantly working towards my goals – whether they be fitness or life in general. I know it isn’t fluke because Chris and I have been doing exactly the same and amazing things have been happening for us this year (more to come on this).

Our new garden..

Contour Allure has been a great source of knowledge and encouragement for fitness related goals but now it is time to evolve to also encourage life goals.

You may remember the mention of something similar when the travel section was introduced. I began sharing my adventures with you with the intention of inspiring you and allowing you to get to know me a little more but now I want to take this further. There is so much that I want to share with you. Life has honestly been AMAZING recently and I want the same for you.

Sharing out travels with you…

With the introduction of this lifestyle section you can expect insights into some fabulous events, discussion of more life based topics, and there are a couple of exciting journeys ahead which will all be revealed here.

Again though, I feel it is important to re-itterate that Contour Allure will remain a fitness oriented community. Working on my fitness was the smartest decision I ever made and it is the skills and confidence made in the gym that have allowed me to go on and build my dream life. Looking after your health comes first, no matter what.

Happy Reading 🤓


  1. Looking forward to seeing more on this, I am making a big effort now to change my eating
    habits and get in to shape!

    1. Thanks Bex. Oh brilliant, well there should be plenty on here to help you if you need it and if not, feel free to srop me a message if you need help with anything 😊

  2. Love this post, yarssssss ha it’s
    always good to branch out to new
    things xo

    1. Definitely! Thanks to you girls aswell for helping me branch out 😘😘

  3. Oh i look forward to the future of this blog. Hopefully this will motivate me to make more
    positive changes. Thank you!

  4. Amazing! As people we change, so
    it’s only natural our blogs evolve
    with us. Can’t wait to read more life
    based content from you xxx

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