The Training Diary | Week 1

Welcome to week one of The Training Diary.  A new series where I will be reviewing my week of training. Ta Daaa.

I decided to start this series for two reasons; the first being to help me stay on track by adding a further element of accountability; and secondly, to show you it’s not always sunshine and rainbows, things don’t always go to plan, we are all only human.

The ‘Fitspo’ corner of the internet spreads far and wide, whilst many of them are what we class as #Goals only showing a glimpse of what goes into achieving their results and only ever getting to see their highlight reel, that is not what Contour Allure is about.  At Contour Allure, the goal is to be relatable and encouraging. We are all just ordinary people, trying to look after our health and improve our fitness at the end of the day, it is far from my intentions to make you feel as though you cannot achieve that!

We’re just oridnary people..


In this series, I will be showing you the good, the bad & the downright ugly (I’m sure there will be plenty of ugly faces thrown in the mix) of my progress – Which I am actually taking seriously this year.

It’s the most vulnerable I have ever been here. I’ve come a long way in dealing with my anxiety and confidence but I still have my hang ups. As I’ve learnt though, the best way to combat these issues is to feel the fear and do it anyway. Face your problems, insecurities, worries head on and completely own them. Which is exactly what I intend to do.

Plus, if I can do it, you bet your ass you can too!

In the true spirit of complete openness & a whole lot of vulnerability, I’m kicking off week one of The Training Diary with a ‘starting photo’. Most people would wait until they had a progression photo to compare with but like I said, I want to take you on this journey WITH me from start to finish. Not just give you clips of the highlight reel.

All the angles!

So, there I am in all my glory. No flattering lighting, clever posing or smoothing filters. Just me.  This is my page 1.

Training Review

When I was hitting the gym 6 days a week, having an average workout wasn’t the end of the world. The problems with average workouts began when my schedule started to get really busy and working out every day became a distant dream. In fact, getting one work out in felt like a massive achievement!

In fact, looking at those photo’s above, I’d say I’ve had a bit of a reverse transformation. This was about 1 year ago..

Yes, the flexing & tan are helping but I definitely feel alot leaner in this pic

I’m much more on top of my schedule again now though and totally prioritising fitting in workouts. Aiming for 3 times per week.  Which I actually managed this week! Go me. Not necessarily the workouts I planned but hey ho.

Workout 1: Leg Day

Straight killed it. Totally blowing my own trumpet because I felt a-MAZING after this one. The first strength session of the year. Starting with dead lifts using the Hex Bar. Last time I tried this I could only lift 45kg and it was HARD. Today though, lifted a cool 55KG for 2 x 8 and 1×6 with the final 2 reps at 40kg. Not gonna lie and pretend like it was easy because it wasn’t. Initially getting it off the floor was a challenge and I kept psycing myself out over a back injury. Sometimes you get stuck in your head. Chris was there to keep an eye on my form and he said it was fine so, I ignored that voice in my head that was screaming put it down before you hurt yourself and carried on. Go me!


Also spent a bit of time working on squats. Still have that love/hate relationship with this exercise. Went straight in for the 50kg aiming for 3 x 8 again but confidence got the better of me here. Besides, use it or lose it right. It’s been a hot minute since I squatted. Still managed to do 3 x8 at 40kg though so not a bad start.

Workout 2: HIIT

As I mentioned on my Year in Review post, one of my goals for 2018 is to GROW SOME GOD DAMN CALF MUSCLES and to increase my overall fitness levels. A nice (haha nice, who am I kidding! it was not nice!) bouncy HIIT session was a great way to kick this off and surprisingly, I lasted much longer than I initially thought. Like on my life I did not expect to last the whole session! As I tell all my friends though, your mind gives up long before your body does and throughout this workout I was mentally tough. It may have involved chanting “ I WILL HAVE ABS FOR LA” as I jumped around the living room but it kept me pushing myself and focused on my goals – whatever works right?!

HIIT Workout

Workout 3: Upper Body HIIT

On a Friday evening, I run a ‘class’ with a couple of my girlfriends, nothing formal just a group of girls getting together, having fun and helping each other improve on their fitness. Although, this Friday it ended up just being me and one other girl. I didn’t like the atmosphere of her working out alone whilst I gave a workout routine so, I did the workout with her rather than working out by myself afterwards. Probably wasn’t my smartest idea given how much leg work I had done this week, picked up a tiny little injury to my calf, just a pulled muscle. Nothing serious but it hurt and meant I had to stop.


Oh I also have to add

I’ve been really on top of my eating this week. Haven’t had take out once and I’ve actually made lots of meals from scratch including Quorn Shepherds Pie, Tofu Massaman, Sea Bass & green veg – a major improvement for me. Normally, I’m a stick it in the microwave or a bowl of cereal kind of girl. Terrible I know but working on eating better and fuelling my body correctly!

Basically a domestic goddess now 💁🏼

Next Weeks Goals:

  • Get in at least three session
  • Make sure there is at least one upper body session
  • Do some HIIT Sprints (created a treadmill workout I really want to try!)

How has your week of workouts been? How are you going to make next week better?

I hope you enjoyed Week One & if you are wondering when the next in the series will be along well, to quote one of my favourite YouTuber’s, Mango Street Lab, “Never Miss a Monday” – you guessed it, The Training Diary posts will go live e’ry Monday.


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