The Training Diary | Week 2

Welcome to the second in the series of The Training Diary. How has your week of training been?

I’ve actually really enjoyed this week of training, although I did want to get a couple more sessions in. Definitely felt like I had the energy too.

Workout 1: Sprints / shoulders

What a combination, I know. You may remember that at the end of the last blog, I set some goals for the week ahead, A.K.A this week, one of which was to get in some HIIT Sprints using the treadmill. I created a workout that I was dying to try out (legit, not even sure who I am at this point – me. dying to run?!) anyway, on Monday morning we went to the gym before work – I do love a good morning sesh. Jumped on the treadmill ready to do my sprints but the dang thing was having none of it, just kept going off and doing its own thing. I guess the robots really are taking over! After about 15 minutes of arguing with the machine and only getting in a fast paced jog at best, it was time to call it quits. At this point, there was no time to switch to a full leg workout and the majority of last week’s sessions were leg based anyway so, decided to smash out a shoulder workout. When I’m a bit pushed for time this is my go to, still getting in the workout and you can absolutely blast them in about 20 minutes.

Attempting HIIT Sprints on the tredmill

Workout 2: HIIT me baby one more time! (cancelled)

Yes, that was a Britney Spears reference. Last Thursday we had a murder mystery evening at work and I got to play the role of ‘Britney Speared’, let me tell you impersonating a world class performer (and also my childhood hero) is no easy task and certainly not a calm one. By the end of the event I was so giddy & hyper a solid workout was definitely on the cards HOWEVER, I then received a text inviting me to a Burns Night Dinner at Albatross & Arnold, Spinningfields – blog coming soon- and well, it would have been rude to say no (hopefully you caught my instastory last Thursday and you will have seen this was a good choice!) Obviously, I’m not condoning regularly skipping gym sessions but every now and then, especially if its too help a friend out or if you’re getting food then I’m totally on board with that.

Albatross & Arnold, Burns Night

Workout 3: Friday Night LIFT

As I mentioned last week, Friday nights are the nights where I train with some of the girls. This week we did a full body weights session consisting of 3 upper body exercises, 3 lower body exercises and 10 mins on abs. WE LOVED IT! Not entirely sure how or why my lifting sessions have significantly reduced but this is something that is going to change immediately. Not only are they key to my progression but I genuinley do have the best time throwing the weights around!

Where the weightlifting magic happens..


Next Weeks Goals:

  • A minimum of 2 weights sessions
  • Place more of a focus on increasing strength
  • Absolutely no take out food.

And remember folks, NEVER MISS A MONDAY! 



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