What’s in store for 2017 | Squats & Muscle Gain


How did you all get on with your New Year’s Resolution making? Did you find the planner useful? After encouraging you to plan out your resolution’s, I thought it only fair that I share mine, with you.

If you are following me on instagram (which you definitely should be because this year I will be posting my workouts on there! @contourallure) then you will have seen that I posted a video today. The video is taking the squat movement back to basics for the purpose of assessing form and reviewing areas for improvement. Previously, I have explained the difficulties I have had with squatting but since then, it really has been kind of like a break up in the sense that I have been majorly avoiding the exercise. Nevertheless, squats are a good, strong, compound movement that are going to help me reach other fitness goals so, it is about time we got back together.


The first fitness goal of 2017 is to mend the relationship between squats and I.

Having already completed an initial review of my execution of the movement and come up with the appropriate steps of correction and improvement, it is time to take action on them.


My split includes training legs twice per week therefore, one session per week will include squats. Rather than jumping back in right where we left off before the ‘break up’ it is vital to learn to crawl again therefore, the focus will not be on going as heavy as possible but more going as deep as possible with the correct form. As the form gets stronger, that is when the weight will start to increase. Measurement of progress will be by way of video. Each video I should spot less and less flaws and be able to see an improvement in strength (i.e. less shakey legs, more control over the exercise etc.).

Reflecting on 2016’s Goals.

When I first set about my fitness journey, the goal was to partake in a Bikini Competition. The goal for 2016 was to sign up for the UK Ultimate Physiques competition, this one in particular because it took place on my birthday that year and that presented to me a ‘sign’!

Upon reflection, that was a fairly amateur, uneducated goal for me to set. It was the glamour of being on stage, the make up, and the bikini’s that I was attracted to. Uncovering the process of getting ‘stage ready’ and entering the contest actually entailed it didn’t take long for me to realise that this was just not for me. Not at this stage any way. Never say never and all that.

Whilst the bikini competition is off the table for the moment, the aesthetic of bikini compeitors is my inspiration. Therefore, my training will still be very muscle building based and whilst I am fully aware that it is unhealthy to aspire to look like a bikini competitor year round, the shape is something that I continue to work towards.


Muscle Gain.

I think this was really the underlying goal for 2016, I could compete in a bikini competition in my current condition if I wanted to. There would be zero chance of winning though. Ultimately, the intention was to gain more muscle.


My training is very muscle building focused so I will continue with what I am doing, I am happy with the progress I have made so far. Whilst I do not have speficic measurements by way of inches or kilograms as an aim (I think to have this focus would be unhealthy) I will still use inches and body fat percentage as a way of monitoring progress. Provided the percentage of body fat does not increase and my inches do increase, even if only slightly, I will consider the goal a success.

Just one more thing…

If you go off track, it really isn’t the end of the world and you can always pull it back. Dont let one bad moment ruin your entire year. Just because one day went off track, doesnt mean the other 364 have to.


We have just entered 2017. Thats alot of opportunity ahead. Take everything one step at a time and enjoy it!


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