World Health Day 2018 | Gym & Juice

Ever walk into somewhere and immediately fall in love with the vibe? That’s exactly what happened when I entered Gym and Juice in Manchester.

Strolling in more than fashionably late due to my atrocious inability to follow simple directions, I bounded through the door scripted with their slogan; #PresstoImpress, down the staircase into the basement gym just in time to see the last few moments of the yoga class, which I am really gutted I missed. Having been to the gym already that morning, I was really looking forward to the yoga class for a bit of R&R!

The missed Yoga session.. ft the babe that is Pablo 💕

On the plus side, I’m glad I got to take a step back to absorb the facility before getting stuck in with the workouts.

Imagine a nightclub vibe gym. The only form of lighting being pink and purple neon lights, equipment hanging from various parts of the ceiling and positioned around the outskirts of the room, a white and black lego like floor.. OK, I’m doing a terrible job at describing this stunning basement gym to you so, here’s a picture instead…

Vibes ✌

Yoga session completed, the music was cranked up and we were straight into workout mode. Let’s do this!

First up, ASSpirations – any guesses as to what this class focused on?! I love the name of it! Abi was the trainer leading this session and it was a resistance band class focusing on using the Glute muscles. Now you all know how I love a good butt day so I was in my element here.  Banded squats, fire hydrants, crab walks – nothing new for me but some old favorites for sure! Resistance bands are a really fun way of working out.

Working it..

Next up we had a circuit training session followed almost immediately by a HIIT session – these were led by Craig and then Nigel, two of the fabulous trainers at Gym and Juice, and both just as evil as one another with their sessions. I am always game for a good circuit or round of HIIT but I had make up on, I wanted to look pretty once I earned my wings but also, I’m no half ass chick so, I went for it, pushed myself at every station and there wasn’t one single station that was ‘easy’. Sure, we all earned our wings but I most certainly did not feel pretty. At least I felt amazing though so, it was totally worth it! Nigel, Craig – I forgive you for ruining my make up.

Hanging in there.. just

The classes consisted of so many different ranges of motion and movements, from planking, to hanging from the ceiling, to tuck jumps, to box jumps, to crawling along the floor, to bicep curls, to everyone’s nemesis – burpees and boy do these guys love burpees!

One thing that I did love about the whole day, is rather than turf our endorphin hyped butts out onto the street at the end of the workout, Craig actually lead us on a guided meditation. Meditation is a form of exercise that is definitely overlooked throughout life in general not just in relation to fitness. Craig made a comment that hit me right in the feels with how absolutely accurate it was; “relaxation is hard work“. Mind blowing right.


The guided mediation was extremely effective, Craig talked us through the actual process of relaxing each body part and breathing techniques – it certainly wasn’t a heavy hippy type meditation like some. Had I not been in the gym environment, I would definitely have got more out of it however, I was lay there with “Missy, you are in a gym. Do NOT fall asleep!” circling around my head which 100% affected levels of relaxation. Nonetheless, I still felt refreshed and calm when it came time to rejoin the real world.

After all the hard work we had put in, Nigel confirmed that we had all in fact earned our wings! Yasss Go Team! Whilst we were all posing for pictures with our pretty new wings, they even brought around goody bags! Now who doesn’t love a goody bag?! Unfortunately, I loved mine a little too much and devoured the contents before I was able to get a picture but as well as being a stunning gym, they have the tastiest protein balls ever – in fact, ask my dog if you don’t believe me.. I left half a protein ball on the table and he snuck up and ate it, which he NEVER does because he knows it gets him in trouble but he must have thought it was worth it for this protein ball.. cant say I blame him tbh – and crazy juices. We had the charcoal juice, which I was very skeptical of initially but actually, it was heavenly. Poor Chris didn’t get a look in after I tasted it!

Goody goody goody

Spending World Health Day at Gym and Juice was definitely one of my favorite fitness events to date. I would definitely be lying if I was to tell you that I found it easy but even so, it was extremely varied and enjoyable. The vibe of the gym definitely helped with pushing through the tougher parts. I know I keep going on about the vibe of this gym but honestly, it doesn’t look or feel like any other gym I have seen before. In all seriousness, I don’t even know what category of gym it would fall into – its far to pretty to be a basement gym but then far to gym like to be a boutique gym. You’ll have to go and see for yourself. Especially if you are in Manchester and are looking for somewhere fairly unique and IG friendly to train, this place is definitely worth a visit.

High flyin off them endorphins & my new wings

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