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As a vegetarian and fussy eater, meal times are basically a pain in the ass for me and tracking my macro intake is borderline depressive. Taking on an adequate amount of protein is a genuine struggle of mine and it is definitely hindering my progress towards competing. I know it is possible though and I am actively trying to combat my terrible eating habits – i.e. learning to cook with different foods and introducing different sources of nutrition into my diet. So, I’ve no doubt I’ll get there eventually.

In the meantime however, I received an invitation from Ledigo PR to attend a launch party they were hosting for ‘The Protein Bakery’, I was definitely intrigued, especially after a quick instagram stalk revealed they made protein dohnuts. Yes, you read that right PROTEIN DOHNUTS. And no, I’m not talking about bacon on dohnuts like some of my friends thought.

A Protein Dohnut yo 🍩

In all honesty though, although I was eager to try the baked treats, my taste expectations weren’t set too high. Anyone who has tried protein rich treats before, along with a lot of protein shakes actually, will be well aware of the questionable textures and dodgy taste of the majority of them and the ones that do taste good are usually so filled with sugar that it totally defeats the purpose of the snack.

Nonetheless, it was the first event of the year and I was psyched! Ready to see some of the blog squad and the babes at Ledigo obvs so, off to Artisan, Spinningfields I went last Wednesday. The event began at 6.30pm, I arrived just after and was shocked to see how many people were already there! It was so busy right from the start, only gaining traction as the evening continued. By 7.30 getting a picture in front of the press board was straight up impossible.

Elsa & Pablo 💕 some of the blog squad

We weren’t too upset though, given that there was a dohnut wall. Yup. A wall of dohnuts AKA a wall of dreams provided the perfect backdrop for our selfies. Not that we took that many actually, we were all so obsessed with the treats available.

On each table there was a selection of bagged up goods, many of which I noticed ended up in people’s purses – totally dont blame them. Just gutted I didn’t manage to nab a chocolate truffle because there were delish!

Table of treats. Yum.

Thankfully, there was a sample table where there we lots of treats cut into bitesize pieces for everyone to try. Now, I can’t believe I am about to say this but, for the first time EVER (and I really mean it when I say ever), I not only sampled everything available but also LOVED it all.

Taster table. Yum yum.

Chris was busy this evening so couldn’t attend with me but he did put in a request that I bring some treats back for him, which I did secretly hoping he wouldnt like them. Who did I think I was kidding?! of course he liked them. If only I thought ahead to hide a couple. Thankfully, these amazing goodies are available in the shops soon, including Tesco I believe so we will definitely be replenishing our supplies.

Obviously, these snacks are intended as a treat i.e. instead of reaching for a chocolate bar, have something from the Protein Bakery instead. They are not intended to be your main source of protein. You would think that goes without saying but the amount of people I see relying so heavily on protein shakes and protein bars to meet their daily requirements is ridiculous. The key is in their name ‘protein supplement’ not ‘protein replacement’.

A treat and a half

At present, I do not have any of the nutritional breakdowns for The Protein Bakery products, however they will be listed on the packaging in shops and also on their website which is set to go live any day now.

If you see them in the shops, be sure to give them a try. I’m curious to know if there are any other great tasting protein enhanced snacks on the market so, if you have any recommendations do let me know in the comment section below.

** Disclaimer *

This is not a sponsored post. I was not asked nor paid to write this review. After attending the launch and being genuinley surprised by how tasty the snacks were, I decided it might be something that you would be interested in. Photographs are all my own


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