Day of Rest | Sunday Funday

There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither

Sunday.. Day of rest. Not to be confused with rest day of course – they’re two entirely different kettles of fish!

When I hear people refer to Sunday’s as boring, usually because everything closes early, I’m like are you insane?!

Missy pulling are you crazy facial expression
say what now..

Sundays are one of the best days and it’s sometimes because everything closes early.

Those shop errands you needed to run, well they can wait until Monday.

Forget about doing chores. Forget about running around on a million miles an hour.


The day of rest.

Rather, as I prefer; Sunday Funday.

Day of rest is very.. misleading. It is likely to encourage a day of laziness more than anything, mostly because our conventional understanding of ‘rest’ translates to do as little as possible.

Sunday Funday isn’t necessarily about giving our physical bodies a rest but more about giving your soul a rest. It means blocking all of those mid-week worries and replacing them with laughter and memories.

I know, I know it sounds so contradictory! It’s a day of rest and here I am telling you that you basically should be doing anything other than what you consider to be rest.

Its because our mental beings are often e x t r e m e l y neglected. Now before you panic, I’m not about to go all ‘hippy chic’ on your butts and give you a lecture on mind, body, soul. All I will say is that you should definitely not take your mental state for  granted and it needs looking after just like any other part of us.

They say laughter is the best medicine so my goal is to feed my soul with happiness. Which is precisely the purpose of Sunday Funday.

And I’ll leave there on that one becuase frankly, that’s all the convincing you should need anyway. I mean, I’m literally telling you to go out and do things that you want to because you enjoy them. Not things that you feel like you should do because of whatever pressures may be looming. I mean, how much convincing should you need to go have fun?! ZERO that’s how much.

our conventional understanding of ‘rest’ translates to do as little as possible

My Sundays are usually all pretty similar; longer walks with the puppy, quality times with wonder boy, gym sessions, leisurely cooking, taking my time getting ready and of course, no Sunday would be complete without an ice hockey game!

Blackburn Hawks v solway sharks ice hockey match
Ice Hockey Sundays

The days don’t have to be filled with extravagant, off the wall adventures, just things that you enjoy doing, things that make you forget about the clock, things that make you feel happy & content. Whether it be curling up and watching a movie,  going for a 20 mile run or making food for the family – do it. Take YOUR day of rest this Sunday Funday and run with it.

Just remember, don’t confuse ‘rest days’ with day of rest/Sunday Funday!

Just as a quick side note: At some point towards the end of Sunday, I’ll switch back on for a hot minute to reflect of the successes of the previous week and make plans for the week ahead because preparation is key. However, I’ll then switch right back off, settle down and watch a movie with my love. It’s like the calm before the storm of Monday hits. So blissful.

Now, I’m off to enjoy the ice hockey match! I hope you have a very ‘restful’ remainder of your sunday. Take the day for YOU, re-energise and relax. Monday wont know whats hit when you show up ready to absolutely slay!



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