Fighting Fit | 5 tips to kick the Christmas cold

Welcome to December or as I prefer to call it, the 1st of Christmas. At this most wonderful time of year (clichéd I know but it’s true!) having a cold can really suck all the fun out of the spirit, making everything seems more like a chore. I know because it’s December 1st and I have a horrible cold!
And bah humbug there is no cure for the common cold. At least there are a couple of ways to fight back!
1. Switch to cardio.
When it comes to exercise you definitely don’t want to stop, giving in could mean harbouring a cold for even longer but you do want to put down those weights.  Yes, you read that correctly put down those weights and switch to a low impact, quick paced cardio session. Studies have shown that that by increasing the heart rate and keeping active creates a more positive response to dealing with symptoms.
As a strong advocate of listening to your body, it’s difficult for me to suggest exercises and intensity. The only direction I can give is to listen to your body and do not put it under too much stress as risk of injury is heightened when we are a little under the weather.
2. Essential oil – Eucalyptus
The antiviral and decongestant properties of Eucalyptus oil are nothing short of a God sent MIRACLE! If you don’t believe me go put a few drops on your tissue or in a steam facial and you won’t even believe how quickly you feel like you can breathe again!
3. Hydrate – plenty of water and hot blackcurrants.
Hydration is everything. On a good day if we aren’t hydrated enough we definitely see and feel the effects. When we are ill maintaining hydration is that much more difficult but that bit more important to help fight the infections, to maintain temperature and not to mention our poor noses that turn redder than rudolph’s – and that’s even when you’ve been using basalt infused kleenex!
Hot blackcurrant because well if my nan gave it to me it must be beneficial right? Probably the same effect as chicken soup though!
4. Vitamins
Upping your vitamin intake may help to fight the effects and reduce the duration but if nothing else eating micronutrient rich foods will make you feel good rather than constantly stuffing down the comfort food.
5. Moisturise
The classic tell tale sign of a cold will remain long after the infection has been banished if you don’t stay on top of your moisturising. The last thing you want is to look like you’re still sick when you’re better. Trust me. Even when it stings because it’s red raw, get the moisturiser on. Your skin will thank you!
I know I said 5 tips but there’s one more that just cannot be ignored: REST! our bodies recover best when we are sleeping, which can be difficult when struggling to breathe so make sure you at least rest and relax when you can.

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